CPAT Regional Historic Environment Record

PRN 36523 (part of 16973 ) - Welshpool, Church Bank, Sundial in Churchyard
Listed Building 16643 (II )

NGR :- SJ2255407637 (SJ20NW)
Unitary authority :- Powys
Community :- Welshpool
Prefered site type :- Post Medieval - Sundial (Structure - Intact )

Listed building

The following is from Cadw's Listed Buildings database

Opposite the main S door of the Church of Saint Mary.

Probably C18. Stone balustrade type, raised on a circular stone base, and with square top plate, which carries a copper dial.

A good example of a C18 sundial, which forms part of a group with the Church of Saint Mary, the churchyard walls, and the war memorial.

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Jones, N W, Silvester, R J & Britnell, W J , 2003 , Montgomery Canal Conservation Management Strategy. Landscape Archaeology Assessment , CPAT Report 550 .

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