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Wrexham Heritage Society

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Finds From the Wrexham Heritage Society

The Wrexham Heritage Society (WHS) are, in their own words -

    A dedicated group of metal detectorists who believe in un-earthing our past from unstratified layers of land, saving the artefacts from the ravages of time covered in the soil”.

They are members of the National Council for Metal Detecting, associate members of The Landowners Association and The National Council for Physical Recreation.

The club is a well-organised, social group of like-minded individuals who all have an interest in the past and the history of their region. Much of their work involves the local community where they provide exhibitions and support local charities, notably the hospices in their area.

The WHS work in close co-operation with the Portable Antiquities Scheme via the service provided by the Clwyd Powys Archaeological Trust (CPAT) in Welshpool. The point of contact at CPAT is Jeff Spencer, the Finds Liaison Officer and his able assistant – Rod Trevaskus (who does the work!). Jeff and Rod attend the club meetings on a quarterly basis and arrange collect those finds that fall within the scope of the scheme (anything over 300 year old). Each quarter, to recognise an individual achievement in finding something a tad more rare, perhaps a first for our area or indeed, an exceptional example of any type of artefact, Jeff awards a ‘Find of the Quarter’ certificate. , examples of which can be seen here.

With their help, there is a growing tapestry of finds from our area that are now helping to identify and extend our knowledge of the past.

Follow this link to find out more about the Wrexham Heritage Society.

So Last year 09/10, was a great success in terms of the quality and number of artefacts recorded within the PAS, our thanks to all but especially to the team is Wrexham. Rod has set a target of 300 artefacts for the 2010/11 year. An ambitious target, given the time/money allocated to the task. However (there always is one!) we find ourselves to be victims of our own success. Already this year, we have recorded 140 artefacts

Good work but with a snag – thus far, most are from across the border in England! Now, there is no problem with that BUT it would be good to see more finds from Wales and that is where the chaps at the Wrexham Heritage Society are looking to help. They are already researching new territory within Wales to detect upon and to that end, we have already seen finds from Denbighshire and Flintshire that has doubled our intake over last year, for those areas. Keep up the good work; we know there are more finds awaiting our attention!

The PAS Finds Recording Form for the WHS can be downloaded from here as an Excel 2000 file

Annual Number Chart © CPAT,

Wrexham Area Finds (To Date) For 2010

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