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Elan Valley
Historic Landscape
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Historic Landscape Characterisation

The Elan Valley: Claerwen
Photographs of character area

CPAT PHOTO 03-c-0658 Claerwen dam, viewed from the south. The reservoir, started in 1946 and officially opened by Queen Elizabeth in 1952 as one of her first official engagements, almost doubled the supply of water to Birmingham from the Elan valley. Photo: CPAT 03-C-0658.

CPAT PHOTO 1526.31 Claerwen dam, seen from the east. Unlike the other reservoirs in the Elan valley complex, the Claerwen dam was constructed of concrete but is faced with rock-faced masonry to match the style of its Victorian predecessors. Photo: CPAT 1526.31.

CPAT PHOTO 03-C-0661 Claerwen reservoir, viewed from the south-east. Photo: CPAT 03-C-0661.

CPAT PHOTO 1538.21 Claerwen dam, viewed from the north. Photo: CPAT 1538.21.