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Vale of Llangollen
Historic Landscape
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Historic Landscape Characterisation

The Vale of Llangollen: Dinas Brān
Photographs of character area

CPAT PHOTO 1766-303 Castell Dinas Brān seen from the east. In the journal kept by the Revd Bingley on his tour of north Wales in 1798 he noted that 'its conical hill, seems to close up the end of the vale, and imperiously to hold in subjugation all the surrounding counrty. This sylvan vale, justly celebrated for its numerous beauties, affords many picturesque and highly romantic scenes'. Photo: CPAT 1766-303.

CPAT PHOTO 1766-308 Dinas Brān viewed from the east. The ramparts of the Iron Age hillfort which encircle the hill are just visible below the ruins of the medieval castle. Photo: CPAT 1766-308.

CPAT PHOTO 1766-321 The gaunt remains of the Welsh medieval Castell Dinas Brān, built within the ramparts of an early Iron Age hillfort by Gruffudd ap Madog in the 1260s. Photo: CPAT 1766-321.

CPAT PHOTO 1766-314 Part of the inner ward of Castell Dinas Brān. Photo: CPAT 1766-314.