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A Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales

A Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales


East and North East Wales Archaeological Resource Audit


Mesolithic - key sites



Collfryn enclosure (Mesolithic phase), Llansantffraid, Powys

Mesolithic activity beneath Iron Age enclosure (CPAT SMR PRN 70910)

Excavation CPAT / 1980-82

Britnell, W, 1989;


Four Crosses Barrow Cemetery, site 2 (Mesolithic), Llandysilio, Powys

Possible occupation attested by C14 dates beneath barrow.(CPAT SMR PRN 50523)

Excavation CPAT / 1984

Warrilow, W, Owen, G & Britnell, W, 1986;


Lynx Cave, mesolithic, Llanarmon-yn-ial, Denbighshire

Mesolithic and earlier activity in cave.  Possible Mesolithic human  remains (CPAT SMR PRN 100949)

Visit CCC / 1981

Bonsall, C J, 1977; Bramwell, D, 1963; Bramwell, D, 1966; Campbell, J B, 1977; Valdemar, A E & Jones, R D, 1970;


Nant Hall Road, flint knapping site, Prestatyn, Denbighshire

A flint knapping site was discovered during excavation of shell middens - probable mesolithic occupation (CPAT SMR PRN 26875)

Excavation CPAT / 1992

Thomas, D, 1992;


Nant Hall Road, shell midden I, Prestatyn, Denbighshire

Shell midden recorded during trial excavation and environmental sampling by CPAT. C14 date of 470070 BP (CPAT SMR PRN 17396)

Frost, P, 1997; Thomas, D, 1992;


Nant Hall Road, shell midden II, Prestatyn, Denbighshire

Shell midden recorded during trial excavation and environmental sampling by CPAT. C14 date of 489080 BP (CPAT SMR PRN 17395)

Frost, P, 1997; Thomas, D, 1992;


Plas Heaton Cave, Henllan, Denbighshire

Cave occupation site (CPAT SMR PRN 100570)

Council for British Archaeology, 1977; Davies, E, 1929; Davies, E, 1931; Dawkins, W B, 1874;

Rhuddlan bypass, excavation 1996, prehistoric site, Rhuddlan, Denbighshire

Excavation during construction of the Rhuddlan bypass identified scatters of flint and chert flakes in a context of brown clay layer containing gravel, the occasional charcoal fleck and rounded stones. Evidence of some disturbance due to ploughing. Timbers were noted in the upper grey clay of a borrow pit nearby as were hazel nuts and snail shells. The largest timber was 3.66m long. One was said to have had a pointed end but it is unclear if this was manmade (CPAT SMR PRN 35030)

Excavation Giffords / 1996



Waun Fignen Felin find scatter, Llywel, Powys

Discrete flint scatters revealed by continuing peat erosion. Excavation by showed late mesolithic possible working area (with C14 date) and possible man-made features. Early and late mesolithic flint types from subsequent excavation.

Excavation CPAT & Berridge PJ / 1979

Excavation CPAT & Berridge PJ / 1980

Excavation CPAT & Berridge PJ / 1981

Barton, R N E et al, 1995; Berridge, P J, 1979; Berridge, P J, 1980; Berridge, P J, 1981; Caseldine, A, 1990; Cloutman, E, 1983; Dorling, P, 1991; RCAHMW, 1997; Simmons, I G, 1996;




Llyn Aled Isaf flint scatter, Llansannan, Conwy

Extensive flint working area revealed on foreshore of Aled Isaf reservoir (CPAT SMR PRN 101313)

Survey CPAT / 1989(/ /)

Brassil, K, 1989; Clwyd Archaeology Service, 1995;


Rhuddlan (Hendre), mesolithic, Rhuddlan, Denbighshire

Extensive flintworking areas (CPAT SMR PRN 102571)

Excavation Miles / 1978

Manley, J F, 1978; Manley, J F & Healey, E, 1982; Messham, J R, Manley, J F & Morgan, D, 1980



Monument (by form)

Breiddin hillfort, phase 1 finds (Mesolithic), Bausley with Criggion, Powys

Mesolithic flints from pre-hillfort phase (1969-75 excavations) probably represents occasional visitation rather than formal occupation (CPAT SMR PRN 50052)

Excavation Musson / 1969-75

Musson, C R, 1974; Musson, C R, 1991;


New Radnor, The Porth, excavation 1991-92, mesolithic-BA finds, New Radnor, Powys

Mesolithic and/or Neolithic/BA flints from Medieval excavation.

Excavation CPAT / 1991


Two Tumps Barrow west, excavation 1926, finds, Kerry, Powys

Microlithic flakes found under barrow Mesolithic origin disputed (CPAT SMR PRN 50000)

Excavation Daniel / 1925

Daniel, J E, Evans & Lewis, 1927; Spurgeon, C J, 1964; Wainwright, F T, 1963;


Ystrad Hynod barrow, mesolithic finds, Trefeglwys, Powys

Three mesolithic finds in gravel subsoil beneath barrow PRN 606. (CPAT SMR PRN 50471)

Apsimon, A M, 1973;