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A Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales

East and North East Wales Archaeological Resource Audit


Section 4:  Research Audit


Current (and recent) projects

The following lists ongoing, and relatively recent projects (ie those worked on in the last 10 years), with a research theme.  It is organised by lead body or individual.



Archaeological InvestigationsLtd

Sennybridge Archaeological Survey, 1999

Survey for the production of an integrated land management plan for AFTC Sennybridge. (Boucher, A & Crooks, K, 2000).


Brecon Beacons National Park

Ty MawrProject

Ongoing assessment and interpretation project on a house and its landscape setting.


L. Butler – University of York

Dolforwyn Castle

Long term excavation project on behalf of Cadw, to investigate and consolidate the guardianship castle at Dolforwyn.


Cadw/ CCW/CPAT               

Register of Historic Landscapes I & II

National overview of the historic content of the Welsh landscape, carried out by Cadw, CCW and ICOMOS in 1998. 


Cadw / English Heritage

Offa’s Dyke Initiative

Long term management of Offa’s Dyke. Project hosted by CPAT


Cambrian Archaeological Projects               

Elan Valley Survey

Upland survey under the Upland Initiative


A. Caseldine - Department of Archaeology, University of Wales Lampeter

Funerary and Ritual Sites Project

Analysis of pollen from selected sites. Ongoing project.


F. Chambers - Centre for Environmental Change and Quaternary Research GEMRU, University of Gloucestershire

Llangorse Lake

Palaeoenvironmental study. Ongoing project.


Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust

Caersws: an archaeological assessment 1991

Assessment of all known archaeological work done in Caersws

Clwyd Metal Mines Survey 1993

Assesment of Clwyd metal mines 1993. with follow up earthwork surveys

Clwyd Small Enclosures Survey 1993-95

Assessment of Clwyd Small Enclosures, with follow up earthwork surveys

Coastal survey: Rhos-on-Sea to Saltney 1995

Cadw funded coastal survey

Cwm Pennant, Llandrillo survey 1995

Survey of c12sq miles at Cwm Pennant (Hankinson, R 1995a).

Dee Estuary Historic Landscape Survey, 1998

Landscape survey carried out by CPAT in 1998.  Its aim was to identify sites within the general area of the Dee Estuary and examine the evidence for the development of the landscape and the threats posed to the archaeological resource as a whole by the rapid development of the area.  The project identifed a significant number of new sites, some of which are related to the former coastline, as well as tracing the history of enclosure, reclamation and industrialisation (Jones, N W, 1998, 47).

Deserted Medieval and Later Rural Settlements

A series of regional surveys as part of a Cadw-funded programme of fieldwork to examine the deserted medieval and early post-medieval rural settlement sites in Wales

Early Medieval Ecclesiastical sites 2002

Current Cadw project looking at early eccelesiatcial settlement 

Elan Valley Uplands Survey 1994

Upland survey

Historic Settlement Survey Projects

Various Cadw / local authoity funded Historic Settlement stuies.

Historic Landscape Characterisation, Dyffryn Clwyd 1998

One of a series of Landscape Characterization exercises undertaken by CPAT with funding by Cadw 1998/9, concentraing on the Vale of Clwyd, an historically important, diverse and well-preserved landscape in Denbighshire.

Historic Landscape Characterisation, Dyffryn Tanat 1998

One of a series of Landscape Characterization exercises undertaken by CPAT with funding by Cadw 1998/9, concentrating on the Tanat Valley, an historically important, diverse and well-preserved landscape covering an area of 101km2 in northern Powys.

Historic Landscape Characterisation, Holywell Common and Halkyn Mountain 2000

One of a series of Landscape Characterization exercises undertaken by CPAT with funding by Cadw. 2000, concentrating on Holywell Common and Halkyn Mountain, Flintshire, a mining landscape of the C18th.

Historic Landscape Characterisation, Vale of Montgomery 2000

One of a series of Landscape Characterization exercises undertaken by CPAT with funding by Cadw 2000, concentrating on the Vale of Montgomery, Powys.

Lake Vyrnwy Joint Afforestation Scheme, assessment 1998

Archaeological assessment carried out to inform Severn Trent Water about the nature and condition of archaeological features on that part of the Estate that is managed by Forest Enterprise.  102 sites were recorded during the course of

the survey, 87 of which had not been recorded previously (Hankinson, R & Thomas, D, 1998).


Lake Vyrnwy Uplands Survey

Ongoing survey project around Lake Vyrnwy, on the western edge of the old county of Montgomeryshire with funding provided by Severn Trent Water Ltd.

Aerial Photograph Mapping, 1995-6

Series of AP mapping projects carried out by CPAT in 1995-98.

Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust Reserves, survey 2001

Archaeological baseline survey of 16 Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust Wildlife Reserves, carried out by CPAT in 2000/2001. The objectives of the study were to reveal by combination of desk-based study and field survey, the nature, condition and significance of the archaeology within the boundaries of the Wildlife Reserves and assist in future management. Follow up work ongoing

Pennant, Llandrillo field survey 1996

Archaeological field survey of area with a number of cairns, hut circles and field systems (Silvester, R J 1996).

Powys Metal Mines Survey 1993

Survey and assessment of Powys non ferous metal mines, with follow up earthwork surveys

Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Sites: Denbighshire and East Conwy 1999

Ongoing programme of survey of prehistoric funerary and ritual sites through out CPAT area

Radnorshire Commons Survey 1998

Survey of two tracts of upland common in the north of Radnorshire, funded by RCAHMW under the Uplands Initiative.

Radnorshire Hills Survey 1997

Upland survey project

Roman Civil Settlements in Southern Powys, Archaeological Assessment 2000

Project to reassess the current evidence for Roman civil settlement within the former counties of Brecknock and Radnorshire and provide new insight into its nature and distribution. The study consisted of a combination of desk-based research with a programme of field survey and assessment.  Excavations were also carried out at Maesderwen Roman villa, Broad Heath cropmark enclosure and Pen-y-gaer bath house (Jones, N W & Owen, W J, 2000a).

Round huts, desktop assessment

The first stage of a survey of round huts in Clwyd and Powys.  A desktop assessment has been produced of the known resource, to be followed up by a programme of fieldwork.

Round huts of central Powys, survey 1999

Study of prehistoric and Romano-British round huts in the historic county of Radnorshire and part of north Montgomeryshire, carried out by CPAT in 1998/9. Fieldwork focused on those sites that had either been positively identified as round huts in the past by fieldworkers or those where there was some element of uncertainty in the proposed chronology or function of the monuments (Silvester, R J, 1999).

Ruabon Mountain Survey 1995

Ruabon Mountain Survey covering c14 sq km identified 136 archaeological features (Silvester, R J & Hankinson, R 1995a; Silvester, B 1995b, 44-45).

Short Dykes Project 2002

Current project looking at the conditionn and management of short dykes in the Welsh borders

Small Enclosures in North-East Wales, 1998

Project followed up to rapid survey of small enclosures within the former county of Clwyd, undertaken during 1993/4, which made provisional recommendations for scheduling a number sites. A programme of site visits, aerial photographic rectification and total station

ground survey was undertaken to further investigate 29 sites.

Trannon Moor historic landscape study & Environemtnal Monitoring 1996ff

Ongoing project to monitor and investigate the long term effects of the Trannon Moor Windfarm on the historic environment.  Elements of landscape ananlysiss and field work with annual condition monitoring

Ty Cynfin woodland sites survey 1995

Group of sites recorded in woodland application area at Ty Cynfin including charcoal mounds, farmstead and various former field boundaries (CPAT 1995).

Unenclosed Prehistoric Settlements (lithic) 2002

Current Cadw  funded project looking at settlement through lithic scatters  

Walton Basin project, 1993-7

Survey and assessment of the Walton Basin carried out by CPAT from 1993-7.  It intended to quantify and characterise the total archaeology of the basin, for the increased protection and better management of the archaeological resource.  The initial desk-based study was supported by survey, aerial survey, geophysical survey and trial excavation to build as complete a picture as possible of the archaeological potential of the area (Gibson, A, 1999).

Walton Basin (Prehistoric Links in Modern Europe) 1996

An EC grant aided project to research into methods of better protection of archaeological remains.  The Walton Basin (Wales), Flanders (Belgium) and Zwolle-Ittersumerbroek (Netherlands) were used as case studies.  In the Walton Basin, the problem of the agricultural degradation of earthwork monuments was addressed (Clevis, H & de Jong, J, 1998).

Walton Basin survey 1998 (SEPAH)

Survey and evaluation of sites in the Walton Basin funded by Cadw and a European Commission grant (from the Raphael Programme), and carried out by CPAT, the Discovery Programme, the City Archaeology Service of Zwolle and the Bayerisches Landesamt fur Denmalpflege in Munich. There were 3 practical elements to the project.  Physical survey, geophysical survey and digital terrain modelling of the Hindwell enclosure (PRN 19376).

Warren Wood survey 2000

Archaeological survey of Warren Wood carried out by CPAT in 2000 to identify the archaeological resource and assist with its future management.  The survey identified 9 archaeological sites and 12 different species of specimen trees

Welsh Historic Churches Projects

Series of projects to assess the architectural and above-ground archaeology of pre-C19th church site as part of the Welsh Historic Churches Project, a pan-Wales programme initiated and funded by Cadw.  The surveys integrated a study of readily available documentary sources with field recording, particular attention being payed to the structural history of the church and

churchyard and the survival of pre-C19th fixtures and fittings.

West Berwyn Survey 1990-95

West Berwyn Survey covering a period of five years including measured survey

(Silvester, R J 1995b, 3; Silvester, B 1995a, 31; Silvester, B 1995e, 45).


Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust / Brecon Beacons National Park

Black Mountains Upland Surveys 1997ff

Two survey with Brecon Beacons National Park under the Uplands Initiative. (Jones, N W and Dorling, P 1997).


Denbighshire County Counci Countryside Service     

Clwydian Range Upland Surveys 1994ff

Rapid assessment of the archaeological resource of the Clwydian Range initiated by RCAHMW.  Intended to provide conservation and management recommendations for the archaeological resource, and identify potential threats to sites (Gale, F, 1997, 5).

Llantisilio Upland Survey 1999

Upland survey carried out by Denbighshire Countryside Service on Llantisilio Mountain, an area proposed as an extension to the Clwydian Range Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  The survey aimed to assess the condition of known sites and evaluate current threats, locate previously unrecorded sites and draw up recommendations relating to the conservation and management of the upland area (Denbighshire Countryside Service, 1999).

North Berwyns Survey

Upland survey project


Gwynedd Archaeological Trust

Llys Euryn Project 1998ff

Ongoing occasional excavation and interpretation project of multiperiod hillfort on behalf of local authority.


Hereford & Worcester County Council Archaeology Service    

River Teme Survey 1997ff

Archaeological survey on the corridor of the River Teme (mostly in Herefordshire).  Carried out in 1997 by County Archaeological Service, Hereford and Worcester County Council, on behalf of the Environment Agency (Cook, M, 1997).


Bob Higham (& the late Phil Barker) – University of Exeter

Hen Domen Project1963-2000

Long term excavation and landscape survey project of motte and bailey castle.


Ironbridge Institute of Industrial Aerchaeology          

Leighton Estate Project

Series of surveys carried out at the Leighton Park Estate by students of the Institute of Industrial Archaeology, Ironbridge, under the supervision of the RCAHMW.  (Coode, LM, Doring, C, Jackson, J & Swann, S, 1986).


Lancaster University Archaeological Unit

Chirk to Holyhead road (A5) project  2000

Survey carried out by the Lancaster University Archaeological Unit in 2000 to record Thomas Telford's road and develop a management strategy for the future on behalf of Cadw


Llangynidr Historical Society

Landynidr Project

Ongoing, occasional survey and excavation on Llangunidr DMV and its environs


Graham Makepeace – private fieldworker

Brecon Beacons  / Black Mountains Project

Various private suvery projects


M. Macklin, Paul Brewer & Tom Coulthard - Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Historical river channel change in Wales.

GIS database of all major Welsh rivers down to their tidal limits. Funded by EAW & CCW to which a PhD project is also linked. Ongoing project - completion 2002.

Late Quaternary river development in the Dyfi basin.

A UWA funded PhD project. Completion 2003

Modeling Holocene river response to environmental change.

A 3 year NERC funded project (to start in August 2002) based in the upper Severn.

Modeling and evaluating flood risk in Wales.

A 3 year project funded by NAW, EAW, CCW & BGS that will start August/September 2002. River basins that will be investigated are the Dee, Teifi, Dyfi & upper Severn. This includes a radiocarbon dating programme of Holocene alluvial sediments funded by the BGS.

The geomorphological impacts of the autumn 2000 floods on the upper Severn.

NERC funded. Completion 2002.


National Museums and Galleries of Wales

Botnewedd (and the Elwy Valley)  Cave Project

Various excavations and assessment of limestone cave sites


National Museums and Galleries of Wales / University College of Wales Cardiff

Llangors Crannog (and environs) Project

Excavation and landscape assessment of crannog site


National Trust

Cwm Gwdi

Archaeological survey carried out by the National Trust

The Begwns, archaeological survey, 1997

Archaeological survey carried out by the National Trust

Ty Mawr Survey

Archaeological survey carried out by the National Trust


Oxford Archaeology (Northern)

Upland Peat Project – Ruabon Mountain 2002

Current upland survey project under Uplands Initiative


Powys County Council

Buildings at Risk Survey 2002ff

Historic buildings survey


Bill Putnam – University of Bournmouth

Roman roads in Powys

Various field work projects on mid Wales’ roman road network.



AP mapping projects

Various aerial photograph mapping projects carried out by RCAHMW.

Brecon & Abergavenny Canal

Assessment project on the canal

Radnorshire farm houses

Survey of farm building for forthcoming punblication

West Radnorshire Survey

Upland survey


Skeates, R – University of East Anglia, Norwich 

Brecon Beacons Archaeological Survey 1996

Upland survey on behalf of the National Trusy under thre Uplans Initiative


Skeates, R & James Bonsal                - University of East Anglia, Norwich

Abergwesyn Common Archaeological Survey, 1998ff

Ongoing survey of about 6900 hectares of the National Trust owned Abergwesyn Common.


Hugh Toller

Roman roads in Powys

Various field work projects on mid Wales’ roman road network.




List of Archaeological Investigations


The following sections list archaeological excavations known to SMR and evaluations and other ‘non-research work’.  The distinction being drawn between those sites chosen for investigation for research motives and those chosen by some external ‘force’ such as the planning system.


Archaeological Excavations

Abbey Cwmhir abbey, excavation 1825

Abbey Cwmhir abbey, excavation 1889ff

Aber Sychnant Cairn, excavation 1890

Aberbechan Dyke, excavation 1996

Abercynafon waterlogged site, excavation 1995

Aberedw Hill Barrow VI, excavation

Aberllynfi Gaer hillfort, excavation 1951

Abertanat Roman Camp, Excavation 1984-91

Aelwyd Uchaf Tumulus B, excavation, 1955

Aelwyd Uchaf Tumulus C, excavation, 1956

Allor Cairn I, excavation, 1860

Althrey Hall, excavations 1991

Arddleen enclosure, excavation 1979

Arddleen enclosure, excavation 1998

Arddleen enclosure, excavation 1999

Bache Hill Barrow I, possible excavation

Banc Llechwedd Mawr Cairn II, possible excavation

Beacons Reservoir Furnace, excavation 1987

Beili Bedw Deserted Village, excavation 1961-62

Beili Bedw Deserted Village, excavation 1991

Bersham Ironworks, excavations 1987-91

Bersham Ironworks, excavations 1997

Big Covert Cave, excavation, 1949

Blaen Nedd Isaf Cairn, excavation 1897

Bleddfa Church (St Mary Magdalene), tower, excavation 1961

Bont y Sarn earthwork, excavation 1996

Bontnewydd Cave, excavation 1984ff

Bontnewydd Cave, excavation C19th

Brecon Beacons Reservoir, furnace excavation 1986 (site 3)

Brecon Gaer fort, excavation 1926

Brecon Gaer fort, Roman pit, excavation 1990

Brecon Town Defences, 2 The Struet, excavation 1991

Brecon Town Defences, Bethel Square, excavations 1995

Brecon Town Defences, George Hotel car park, excavation, 1997

Breiddin hillfort, excavation 1933-35

Breiddin hillfort, excavation 1969-76

Brenig 14: cairn, excavation 1973

Brenig 40: burial mound, excavation 1975

Brenig 41: Cefn Brenig barrow A, excavation 1977

Brenig 42: Cefn Brenig Barrow C, excavation 1977

Brenig 42: Cefn Brenig Barrow C, excavation C19th

Brenig 44: ring cairn, excavation 1975

Brenig 45: Broncyn Arian round barrow, excavation 1859

Brenig 45: Broncyn Arian round barrow, excavation 1973

Brenig 46: Cairn, excavation, 1974

Brenig 47: Bwlch Du Barrow, excavation 1973

Brenig 48: Nant Criafolen settlement, excavation, 1973

Brenig 51: platform cairn, excavation 1975

Brenig 6: kerb cairn, excavation 1973

Brenig 7: Waen Ddafad enclosure, excavation, 1973

Brenig 8: Waen Ddafed round barrow, excavation 1973

Brenig 9-39: clearance cairns, excavation 1973

Brithdir Mill, excavation 1996

Bronllys hollow way, excavation 1997

Bronllys house platform, excavation 1997

Brookhill Pottery, excavation, 1975

Broughton Roman road I, Warren Bank, excavation 1983

Bryn Beddau barrow F (Bedd Emlyn), excavation 1854

Bryn Beddau burial site, excavation 1960

Bryn Castell mound, excavation C19th

Bryn Castell, excavation 1954

Bryn Euryn Camp, excavation 1997ff

Bryn y Fedwen Barrow I, excavation 1938

Bryn y Fedwen Barrow II, excavation

Bryn-bugeilyn barrow B, excavation, 1850

Bryn-Derlwyn Farm earthworks, excavation 1995

Bryn-y-ffynnon Beaker burial, excavation 1959

Brynhella Mound, excavation 1925

Brynhenllys enclosure, excavation 1994

Buckley Tramway, excavation 1990

Buckley, Pinfold Lane, excavation 1984

Buckley, Pinfold Lane, excavations 1990

Builth Wells, Pen Graig barn excavation 1997

Buttington View, Roman road, excavation 2000

Bwlch Rafallon Goch enclosure, excavation 1986-7

Bwlch Rafallon Goch structure, excavation 1992

Cae Gaer Fort, excavation 1913

Cae Gronw Cave, excavation 1985

Cae Henllan Church (St Elwedd) site of, excavation 1910

Cae-Gwyn cave, excavation, 1883ff

Caer Caradog hillfort, excavation 1963-64

Caer Estyn hillfort, excavations 1984

Caer Noddfa Fort, excavation 1909

Caer Noddfa Fort, excavation 1964-65

Caerau Fort, excavation 1965

Caerau Fort, vicus, excavation 1990

Caergwrle Castle, excavation 1988-89

Caergwrle Castle, outer earthwork excavations 1988

Caersws Airfield (Red House) , excavation 1986

Caersws Causewayed Enclosure (CS 25), excavation 1991

Caersws Fort II (CS 01), excavation C19th

Caersws Fort II (CS 03), excavation 1854

Caersws Fort II (CS 04), excavation, 1909

Caersws Fort II (CS 05), excavation 1966

Caersws Fort II (CS 06), excavation 1967

Caersws Fort II (CS 12), S side excavation 1985

Caersws Fort II (CS 13), annexe excavation 1986

Caersws Fort II (CS 18), interior excavation 1990

Caersws Fort II (CS 23), annexe excavation 1991

Caersws Fort II (CS 24), annexe excavation 1991

Caersws Fort II (CS 43), S gate excavation 1992

Caersws Fort II (CS 44), interior excavation 1992

Caersws Fort II (CS 45), NW side excavation 1992

Caersws to Caer Gai Roman Road, excavation 1998

Caersws to Machynlleth gas pipeline, Roman road excavation 1998

Caersws Vicus (CS 07), excavation 1968

Caersws Vicus (CS 08), excavation 1978

Caersws Vicus (CS 09), Bradley's Garage excavations 1985

Caersws Vicus (CS 10), Old Primary School excavations 1985

Caersws Vicus (CS 11), excavation 1986

Caersws Vicus (CS 14), Manthrig Lane excavations 1978

Caersws Vicus (CS 15), Manthrig Lane excavation 1982

Caersws Vicus (CS 17), Greenfields excavation 1990

Caersws Vicus (CS 19), Cattle Market excavation 1910

Caersws Vicus (CS 21), excavation 1990

Caersws Vicus (CS 22), Health Centre excavation 1990

Caersws Vicus (CS 26), Cattle Market excavation 1991

Caersws Vicus (CS 27), playing field excavation 1991

Caersws Vicus (CS 28), The Buck excavation 1991

Caersws Vicus (CS 29), Station Rd excavation 1991

Caersws Vicus (CS 42), Manthrig Lane excavation 1991

Caersws Vicus (CS 46), Main Street/Greenlands excavation 1989-93

Caersws Vicus (CS 49), Lower Green excavation 1993

Caersws Vicus, Hafod, Carno Road, excavation 1995

Cann Office Hotel Earthwork, excavation, 1962

Capel Maelog Church (St Maelog), excavations 1984-87

Capel Spon Chapel, excavation 1991

Carn Goch Cairn, excavation 1987

Carn yr Arian cairn, excavation 1936

Carnedd Cerrig Barrow, excavation, 1830

Carnedd Cerrig Cairn, excavation c1830

Carnedd Das Eithin Barrow, excavation C19th

Carnedd Rhys Goch Cairn, excavation C19th

Carneddau cairn I, excavation 1989

Carneddau cairn II, excavation 1990

Carneddau Farmstead, excavations 1989-90

Carneddau Ring Bank I, excavation 1990

Carno Windfarm (Trannon Moor), excavation 2000

Castell Bach house site, excavation 1995

Castell Collen - Caersws Roman road, excavation 1960s

Castell Collen Fort, excavation 1911-13

Castell Collen Fort, excavation 1954-57

Castle Madoc Ringwork, excavation 1960

Cefn Cave III, excavation, 1883

Cefn Coch Barrow, excavation

Cefn Goleu cairn, excavation, 1950ff

Cefn Perfedd Marching camp, excavation 1964

Cerrig Llwydion Cairn I, excavation

Churn Mill, Excavation 1981

Clap yr Arian Cairn I, excavation 1910

Clawdd Coch Cropmark, excavation 1991

Clawdd Coch Roman Fort, excavation 1991

Clawdd Coch Roman Fort, excavation 1992

Clawdd Coch Roman Fort, excavation 1994

Cloddiau enclosure, excavation 1993

Clyro Fort, excavation 1964

Coed Y Dinas Flood Defences, excavation 1992

Coed y Dinas Ring Ditches I and II, excavation 1992

Coed y Gaer hillfort, excavation 1997

Collfryn enclosure, excavations 1980-82

Colwyn Castle, excavation 1975

Corn Du Cairn, excavation 1978

Corn Du Cairn, excavation 1992

Craig Yr Arian Cairn A, excavation

Creigiau Eglwyseg cairn A, excavation, 1879

Crickhowell, Glan-yr-Afon megalith, excavation 1993

Crickhowell, Tower St 1, excavation, 1984

Crosswood Camp, excavation 1981

Crosswood Camp, excavation 1992

Crugerydd Castle, excavation 1936/37

Cuckoo Hall hillfort, excavation 1993

Cwm Difwg Barrow I, excavation 1861

Cwm Difwg Barrow II, excavation 1961

Cwm Owen Pillow Mounds, excavation 1934

Cwmberllan earthwork, excavation 1994

Cwrt Llechrhyd, excavation 1983

Cwrt Llechrhyd, excavation 1995

Denbigh STW Outfall, excavation 1992

Denbigh Tile Kiln, excavation 1938

Denbigh, Exchequer Gate, excavation 1982-83

Dinorben hillfort, boundary bank, excavation 1980

Dinorben hillfort, boundary bank, excavation 1983-84

Dinorben hillfort, excavation 1912

Dinorben hillfort, excavation 1965-69

Dinorben hillfort, excavation 1983

Dolforwyn Castle, excavation 1981ff

Dolforwyn town earthworks, excavation, 1997

Domen Mound, excavation

Dyffryn Lane Barrow I, excavation 1857

Dyffryn Lane Enclosure II, excavation 1983

Dyserth Castle, excavation, 1914

Edw Common Barrows, excavation C19th

Elm Tree House Ring Ditch, excavation 1992

Esgair y Ffordd Cairn, excavation

Ewloe Green Pottery, Excavation 1986

Fairy Oak Round Barrow, excavation, 1882

Fan Foel Cairn, excavation

Fan y Big Cremation, excavation 1981/1983

Ffordd Las (Green lane), excavation 1911

Ffostyll Long Cairn I, excavation 1921-23

Ffostyll Long Cairn II, excavation 1921-23

Ffostyll Round Barrow I, excavation 1921-23

Ffridd Faldwyn Hillfort, excavation 1937-39

Ffridd y Garreg Wen barrow, excavation

Ffrith Roman Site, building B "High Street", excavation 1870

Ffrith Roman Site, building D "Arosfa", excavation 1910

Ffrith Roman Site, building D "Arosfa", excavation 1967-69

Ffrith y Garreg Wen barrow, excavation, 1921

Ffynnon Beuno Cave, excavation, 1885

Ffynnon Wenwyl, excavation 1827

Flint Castle, excavation 1970

Flint Castle, excavation 1971-4

Flint, Croes Atti Lane Excavations 1986

Flint, Oakenholt Caesar's Avenue, excavation 1988

Flint, Pentre Farm Roman site, excavation 1976-77 and 1981

Flint, Pentre Farm Roman site, excavation 1991 I

Flint, Pentre Farm Roman site, excavation 1991 II

Flint, Pentre Ffwrndan, excavation 1986

Foel Cairn, excavation 1910

Foel Cairn, excavation 1923

Foel pillow mounds, excavation 1990

Forden Gaer, aisled hall, excavation 1987 site II

Forden Gaer, aisled hall, excavation 1987 site II

Forden Gaer, excavation 1987 site I

Forden Gaer, excavation 1987 site III

Forden Gaer, Roman fort, excavation 1987 (site IV)

Four Crosses Barrow Cemetery, Cae Hen ring ditch 1, excavation 1981

Four Crosses Barrow Cemetery, site 1, excavation, 1981ff

Four Crosses Barrow Cemetery, site 2, excavation, 1984

Four Crosses Barrow Cemetery, site 3, excavation, 1984

Four Crosses Barrow Cemetery, site 4, excavation, 1982

Four Crosses Barrow Cemetery, site 5, excavation, 1983

Four Crosses Barrow Cemetery, site 6, excavation, 1983

Four Crosses Barrow Cemetery, site 7, excavation, 1984ff

Four Crosses pit alignments - Cae hen (site 9) excavation 1981

Four Crosses pit alignments - Domgay pit alignment 1 site 11 excavation 1983

Four Crosses pit alignments - Domgay pit alignment 2 site 10 excavation 1983

Fron Fraith Wood hillfort, excavation 1994

Fronddyrys Neolithic site, excavations 1975-6

Fronddyrys Neolithic site, excavations 1983

Fronddyrys Neolithic site, excavations 1983

Gaer Dolau Fort, excavation 1965

Gaer Fortlet;Gibbet Hill Fortlet, excavation 1857

Gaer Fortlet;Gibbet Hill Fortlet, excavation 1962

Garn Coch Cairn, excavation, 1854

Gelli Gynan mound, excavation 1810

Glan-yr-afon Road Section, excavation 1986

Glanmilheli Fort, excavation 1960s

Gledlom Tumulus, excavation, 1977

Glog Hill Barrow VII, excavation

Glonc Kerb Cairn, excavation 1983

Glyn Collwyn barrow, excavation C19th

Gop Cave, Trelawnyd, excavation, 1886

Gorsedd Bran barrow I, excavation, 1850

Gorsedd Bran barrow II, excavation, 1850

Gorslydan Barrow I, excavation

Greenfield Mills, excavation 1977

Grithig Cave Find, excavation, 1950's

Gwaenysgor Cave, excavation 1950s

Gwenddwr Shrunken Settlement area II, excavations 1993

Gwern Dyfnant Barrow, excavation

Gwern Picoed Cairn I, excavation 1936

Gwern Picoed Cairn II, excavation 1936

Gwern Picoed Cairn II, excavation C19th

Gwern Picoed Cairn III, excavation 1936

Gwernaffel Farm, excavation 1960s

Gwernescob Barrow I, excavation 1931

Gwernvale long cairn, excavation 1977-78

Gwernyfed Bloomery, excavation 1950

Gwernymynydd Axe Hoard, excavation 1989

Hafod y dre cairn, excavation 1884

Hay-on-Wye, Belmont Road excavation 1992

Hay-on-Wye, Heol-y-Dwr excavation 1990

Hen Blas motte and bailey, excavation 1957

Hen Domen castle, excavations 1960-92

Hendre Bach Building, excavation

Hendre Farm barrow, excavation, 1989

Higher Kinnerton (Roman Road), excavation 1984

Hillbury Round Barrow, excavation, 1862

Hindwell Ash Barrow, excavation, 1993

Hindwell enclosure I, excavation 1998

Hindwell Fort, excavation, 1779

Hindwell Fort, excavation, 1961

Hindwell Fort, excavation, 1976

Hindwell II palisaded enclosure, excavation 1998

Holt Roman site and barrow, excavation 1907-14

Holt, Castle Mews excavation 1993

Holt, Cross St. excavation, 1992

Holywell Racecourse Tumulus I, excavation 1925

Hope (Sarn Lane), excavation 1993

Hope Church (St Cynfarch), excavation 1997

Hope Church (St Cynfarch), excavation 1997

Hope Church (St Cynfarch), excavation 2000

Hundred House Common Barrow II, excavation 1875

Knapp Farm enclosure, excavation 1995

Knaps Barrow I, excavation 1869

Knaps Barrow II, excavation 1869

Lan Fawr cairn III, excavation 1986

Little Lodge long barrow, excavation 1928-29

Llanarmon Barrow B, excavation, 1831

Llanarmon Mynydd-mawr Barrow, excavation, 1773

Llandinam - Llanwrin pipeline, excavation 1997

Llandinam Church (St Llonio), yard bank excavation 1980

Llanelwedd mound I, excavation 1965

Llanelwedd mound II, excavation 1965

Llanfair Caereinion Church (St Mary), excavation 1993

Llanferres (Ty'n Llan), excavation

Llangasty Tal-y-Llyn Church (St Gastyn), Glebefield, excavation 1993

Llangattock Parish barrow finds, excavation

Llangors crannog, excavation 1868-70

Llangors crannog, excavation 1987-1993

Llangwyfan Church (St Cwyfan), excavation 1997

Llangynidr, Abercrawnon, excavation, 1995

Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain (Meliniog) Supply Base, excavation 1987

Llanymynech hillfort, excavation 1981

Llanymynech hillfort, north gate, excavation 1994

Llanymynech Ogof Mine, excavation 1969

Llong Tumulus, Excavation 1954

Llong Tumulus, Excavation 1983

Llwyn Bryn Dinas Hillfort, excavation 1954ff

Llwyn Bryn Dinas Hillfort, excavation 1983

Llygadwy finds, excavation 2000

Llys Edwin fortified house, excavation 1960s

Llys Euryn House, excavation 1948-50

Long Plantation Dyke, excavation 1985

Lower Luggy long barrow, excavation 1994

Lower Short Ditch, Ditch Dingle excavation 1985

Lymore Park causeway, excavation 1981

Lymore Park earthworks, excavations 1984

Lynx Cave, excavation 1962-4

Machynlleth town hall, excavation 1983

Machynlleth, Bro Dyfi excavation

Maes Treylow field system, excavation 1979

Maesderwen 'Roman Villa', bath house, excavation 1783

Maesderwen 'Roman Villa', excavation 1997

Maesgwyn barrow I, excavation c1930

Maesmelan Find, excavation, 1982

Maesydd Enclosure, excavation, 1977

Mathrafal Castle, excavation 1840

Mathrafal Castle, excavation 1870

Mathrafal Castle, excavation 1929

Mathrafal Castle, excavation 1930

Mathrafal Castle, excavation 1985

Mathrafal Castle, excavation 1989

Merthyr Cynog Church (St Cynog), yard excavation 1991

Mochdre Socketed Axe, excavation, 1983

Moel Arthur Hillfort, excavation, 1849

Moel Fenlli Hillfort - Iron Age, excavation 1849

Moel Fferna Cairn, excavation, C19th

Moel Hiraddug hillfort, excavation 1979

Moel Hiraddug hillfort, excavation 1992

Moel y Gaer Rhosesmor hillfort, excavation 1972ff

Montgomery Castle, excavation 1964-5

Montgomery Castle, excavation 1966-8

Montgomery Castle, excavation 1972-3

Montgomery Medieval Town Defences, Clawdd y Dre excavation 1989

Montgomery Medieval Town Defences, Crogbren excavation 1990

Montgomery Medieval Town Defences, Plas Offa excavation 1988

Montgomery Medieval Town Defences, Plas Trefaldwyn excavation 1992

Montgomery Medieval Town Defences, Rock Cottages excavations 1988

Montgomery Medieval Town Defences, Town Ditch excavation 1990

Montgomery, Bunner's Yard excavation 1991

Montgomery, Manweb Pit 1, excavation 1993

Montgomery, Manweb Pit 2, excavation 1993

Montgomery, Manweb Pit 3, excavation 1993

Montgomery, Manweb Pit 4, excavation 1993

Montgomery, Manweb Pit 5, excavation 1993

Montgomery, Manweb Pit 6, excavation 1993

Montgomery, Manweb Pit 7, excavation 1993

Montgomery, Plas Du, excavation 1980-82

Montgomery, Plas Du, excavation 1986-7

Montgomery, Pool Road, excavation 1984

Mount Pleasant enclosure, excavation 1994

Mynydd Argoed Roman road, excavation 1998

Mynydd Troed Long Cairn, excavations 1968

Mynydd y Drum Ring Cairn, excavation 1987

Mynydd y Drum Tramway, excavation 1987

Naid y March stones, excavation 1983

Nant Helen Bank I, excavation 1987

Nant Helen Cairn II, excavation 1987

Nant Helen Cairn VI, excavation 1987

Nant Helen Enclosure I, excavation 1987

Nant yr Eira Mine, excavation 1988

Nant yr Eira Mine, excavation 1994

Nant yr Esgair Barrow, excavation 1928

Nant-y-fuach rock shelter, excavation 1950-57

Nant-y-Graig/Brysgill cave A, excavation 1946

New Pieces Enclosure, excavation 1936

New Pieces Enclosure, excavation 1996

New Pieces Field System, excavation 1936

New Radnor Castle, excavation 1864

New Radnor, Hall Street, corn drying kiln, excavation 1988

New Radnor, The Porth, excavation 1991-92

Newtown Old Church (St Mary), church, excavation 1979-80

Northop Grammer School, excavation 1975

Oakenholt Roman Road, excavation 1995

Offa's Dyke (Coed Isa), excavation 1987

Offa's Dyke (Erddig Park), excavation 1992

Offa's Dyke (Harrington's, Johnstown), excavation 1987

Offa's Dyke (Whitford Dyke) - A55, excavation 1986

Offa's Dyke (Whitford Dyke) - Coed y cornel-cae, excavation 1986

Offa's Dyke (Whitford Dyke) - Pen-y-Gelli, excavation 1986

Offa's Dyke (Whitford Dyke) - Pen-y-parc, excavation 1985

Offa's Dyke (Whitford Dyke) - Rhydwen Farm, excavation 1986

Offa's Dyke (Whitford Dyke) - Telawnyd, excavation 1989

Offa's Dyke - Chirk Castle De198, excavation 1992

Offa's Dyke - Chirk Castle, excavation 1991

Offa's Dyke - Esclusham, excavation, 1990

Offa's Dyke - Knighton, Ffridd Road, excavation 1976

Offa's Dyke - New Cut Argae, excavation 1996

Offa's Dyke - River Camlad, excavation 1986

Offa's Dyke - Sunny Bank, Ffrith, excavation 1992

Ogof Colomendy, excavation, 1975ff

Ogof Darren Cilau Cave, excavation, 1818

Ogof Yr Esgryn Cave, excavation 1923ff

Orchid Cave I, excavation, 1970's

Orchid Cave II, excavation 1981

Pant-y-Dulath round barrow, excavation, 1957

Pen Gloch y Pibwr Cairn I, excavation, 1924

Pen y Bylchau Roman road I, excavation 1998

Pen y Fan Cairn, excavation 1983

Pen y Fan Cairn, excavation 1990-92

Pen y fan cairn, excavation 1991-92

Pen y Gaer Fort, excavation 1966

Pen y Graig Smelting Site, excavation, 1961

Pen-y-bont cropmark, excavation 1993

Penarth Mount Barrow, excavation, 1864

Penfforddlas Barrow I, excavation 1903

Penley Old Hall, Excavation / Survey 1992

Pennant Melangell Church (St Melangell), excavation 1989-90

Penthryn Farm building I, excavation 1993

Pentir Cairn I, excavation 1912

Pentre Coal Mine tramway, excavation 1993

Pentrehyling Roman Forts, excavation 1988ff

Penwyllt cave, excavation 1926

Penycrocbren Fortlet, excavation 1961

Penycrocbren Gibbet, excavation 1938

Penywyrlod Long Cairn, excavation 1921-22

Penywyrlod Long Cairn, excavation 1972

Perthi Chwarae Farm Cave I, excavation, 1868ff

Petryal barrow, excavation 1696

Pillar of Eliseg barrow, excavation, 1779

Pipton Long Cairn, excavation 1950

Pipton Tower, excavation

Pistyll Du clearance cairn, excavation 1990

Plas Coch Roman settlement, excavations 1994

Plas Coch Roman settlement, excavations 1996

Plas Heaton Barrow C, excavation, 1850

Plas Heaton Cave, excavation, 1860's

Plas Machynlleth, excavation 1994

Pont-ar-daf circle, excavation 1990

Powis Castle, excavations 1984-85

Prescotts Pottery, excavation, 1954

Prestatyn, Fforddisa Roman Site, excavation

Prestatyn, Melyd Avenue settlement, excavation 1934-37

Prestatyn, Melyd Avenue settlement, excavation 1980

Prestatyn, Melyd Avenue settlement, excavation 1984-85

Prestatyn, Melyd Avenue settlement, excavation 1992

Prestatyn, Ysgol y Llys, excavation 1986

Priory Mount, Excavation 1980

Priory Mount, excavation 1980

Pwllan house mill leat, excavation 1994

Rhiwiau barrow, excavation, 1851

Rhos Fynach Wier, excavation 1993

Rhos Isaf Caves, excavation, 1869ff

Rhuddlan (Hendre), excavation 1978

Rhuddlan bypass, excavation 1996

Rhuddlan Lon Hylas, excavation 1983

Rhuddlan Medieval Town, excavation (Abbey Farm)

Rhuddlan Medieval Town, excavation (Ysgol Y Castell)

Rhuddlan, Edwardian Town (Gwindy St), excavation 1989

Rhuddlan, excavations 1969-73

Rhuddlan, Gwindy Street, excavation 1993

Rhuddlan, Gwindy Street, excavation 1995

Rhuddlan, Parliament Street, excavation 1984

Rhuddlan, Tan yr Eglwys, excavation 1989

Rosehill Wood Tumulus C, excavation 1868

Rough Close enclosure, excavation 1997

Rough close flint scatter, excavation 1997

Ruabon, Brickworks, excavation 1987

Ruthin, Brynhyfryd Park, excavation 1988

Ruthin, Brynhyfryd Park, excavation 1988-89

Ruthin, Brynhyfryd Park, site XIII excavation, 1988-89

Ruthin, Brynhyfryd Park, Torino excavation 1997

Ruthin, Nantclwyd House excavation 1991

Ruthin, Nantclwyd House, excavation 1993

Ruthin, Nantclwyd House, garden excavation 1980s

Sarn y Bryn Caled junction, excavation 1998-9

Sarn y Bryn Caled pit circle, excavation 1990-91

Sarn y bryn Caled Ring Ditch, excavation 1991

Sarn y Bryn Caled timber circle, excavations 1990-91

Share y wlad cairn II, excavation 1897

Sirior-hir Roman Road, Excavation 1963

Strata Marcella Abbey, excavation 1891

Street Finds, excavation 1958

Sunny Bank Barrow, excavation 1907

Sycharth Castle, excavation 1962-3

Symon's Castle, excavation 1986

Symon's Castle, excavation 1988

Symon's Castle, excavation 1992

Talgarth Church (St Gwendoline) medieval settlement, excavation 1997

Tandderwen Cropmark Complex, excavation 1987

Tandderwen Cropmark Complex, excavation 1988

The Gap road, excavation 1995

Tir Mostyn Kerb cairn B, excavation 1983

Tithebarn Moat, excavation 1994

Tomen Llansantffraed Motte, excavation 1982

Tomen Llansantffraed Motte, excavation 1990

Tomen y meirw round barrow, excavation <1926

Trannon (Roman road), excavation 1995

Tre Owen Well, excavation, 1977

Trecastle Mountain Cairns, excavation, 1824

Tredustan Court barrow, excavation C19th

Trefil Las Cairn, excavation

Trefoel Hill Finds, excavation, 1956

Trelawnyd Barrow, excavation 1856

Trelystan round barrows, excavation 1979

Tri Crugiau cairns, excavation 1930s

Trueman's Hill Motte, excavation 1820

Twmpan Motte, excavation, 1954

Two Tumps Barrow East, excavation 1912

Two Tumps barrow west, excavation 1926

Twr Gwyn Bach, excavation 2000

Twr Gwyn Bach, excavation C19th

Twr Gwyn Mawr Cairn, excavation 1855

Twyn Llechfaen Hillfort, excavation 1959

Twyn y Beddau Cairn, excavation 1871

Ty Du Cairn I, excavation 1809

Ty Isaf Long Cairn, excavation 1938

Ty Mawr house, excavation 1996

Ty Mawr house, excavation 1997

Ty Tan-y-foel cist, excavation 1924

Tyddyn-cochyn chapel site, excavation 1999

Tyddyn-llwydion, excavation 1994-95

Tyn yn y Llwyn cairn, excavation 1808

Upper Ninepence barrow, excavation 1966

Upper Ninepence barrow, excavation 1994

Valle Crucis Abbey, excavation 1993

Van Mine, excavation 1970s

Van Mine, excavation 1990s

Varlen Barrow, excavation c1925

Waen Gate Roman Road, excavation 1989

Walton Green cursus, excavation 1998

Wantyn Dyke - Coed-y-brain, excavation I 1985

Wantyn Dyke - Coed-y-brain, excavation II 1985

Wantyn Dyke - Goitre Pasture, excavation 1985

Wantyn Dyke - Gwenthrew Knoll, excavation 1985

Wantyn Dyke - Pound, excavation 1985

Wantyn Dyke Upper - Forest Edge, excavation 1985

Wantyn Dyke Upper - Gateway, excavation 1985

Wat's Dyke - Bagilt, excavation 1980

Wat's Dyke - Black Brook Knoll, excavation 1985

Wat's Dyke - Bod Offa Farm Site 76, excavation 1985

Wat's Dyke - Bryn a baal, excavation 1985

Wat's Dyke - Coed Llys, Flint Mountain, excavation 1987

Wat's Dyke - Court Wood, excavation 1985

Wat's Dyke - Erddig Big Wood, excavation 1985

Wat's Dyke - Erddig Park, excavation 1992

Wat's Dyke - Flint, excavation 1985

Wat's Dyke - Holywell, excavation 1978

Wat's Dyke - Hope, 35, Pen-y-Bryn, excavation 1998

Wat's Dyke - Hope, excavation 1990

Wat's Dyke - Middle Mill, Northop, excavation 1985

Wat's Dyke - Mynydd Isa F86, excavation 1981

Wat's Dyke - Mynydd Isa, excavation 1957

Wat's Dyke - Northop Coed Llys, excavation 1986

Wat's Dyke - Northop F85, excavation 1985

Wat's Dyke - Pentre Clawydd, beacon, excavation 1985

Wat's Dyke - The Cistern, Erddig, excavation 1985

Wat's Dyke - The Rookery, Erddig, excavation 1985

Wat's Dyke - Watergate Estate, excavation 1985

Wat's Dyke - Wrexham, excavation 1972

Waun Fignen Felin find scatter, excavation 1979-81

Welshpool Church (Capel Llewellyn), excavation 1986

Welshpool Church (Capel Llewellyn), excavation 1997

Welshpool Cursus, excavation 1991

Welshpool, Domen Gastell, excavation 1991

Welshpool, Smithfield Burial, excavation 1960

Whitewell barrow A, excavation 1870

Whitford Church (St Mary), yard, excavation 1993

Wrexham Guildhall, excavation 1990

Wynnstay round barrow I, excavation 1992

Ynys Hir Cairn, excavation 1940

Ynys Hir Stone Circle, excavation 1940

Yr Orsedd Wen, tumulus, excavation 1850

Ysgwennant barrow, excavation 1951-58

Ystrad Fawr mound, excavation, 1927

Ystrad Hynod barrow, excavation 1965/66



Other ‘recent’ archaeological intervention


Building survey

Abbey Cwmhir abbey, survey 1988

Abbey Cwmhir abbey, survey 1996

Abbey Cwmhir abbey, survey 1998

Abbey Cwmhir abbey, survey 2000

Castell Blaenllynfi Castle, survey 1990

Crickhowell, Porth Mawr, boundary wall survey 1993

Darren Ddu Mill, survey 1998

Fforest Farm, Ty Felin, survey 1999

Llanllugan Church (St Mary), survey 1993

Llys Euryn House, excavation and survey, 1997

Minera, Halvans Plant, survey 1988

Pontfaen, The Old Mill, survey, 2000

Powis Castle, survey 1986

Powis Castle, survey 1987-89

St Asaph Cathedral, survey 1999

Ty Mawr, Llangasty, survey 1997

Ty Mawr, Llangasty, survey 1998

Wrexham, Island Green Brewery, survey 1998

Wrexham, ROF Marchwiel, WWII bunkers, survey 1999



A459 / A550 Deeside Park to Drome Corner, evaluation 1992

A470, Llangurig to Wern Villa, assessment, 1997

A483 Pant/Llanymynech bypass, evaluation 1993

A483 Pool Quay improvement, evaluation 1995

A489 Felingerrig to Penegoes assessment 1995

A494 Drome Corner to Ewloe, evaluation 1992

Abenbury Brickworks, evaluation 1995

Aberderfyn archaeological assessment 1997

Afon Iwrch, evaluation 1996

Bagillt, Springhill Quarry, evaluation 1997

Bagillt, The Clinks, survey 1995

Bailey Hill Windfarm, evaluation 1994

Bardyn Pumping Station, Flint, evaluation 1994

Borras quarry, assessment 1995

Brecon road scheme, assessment, 2000

Brecon Town Defences, George Hotel car park, evaluation 1997

Brecon, CRS Foodstore, evaluation 1997

Brecon, Games Hospital, evaluation 1996

Brecon, Smithfield, evaluation, 1997

Brecon, The Rhyd, evaluation 1995

Bretton, Broughton Mills Road, evaluation 1995

Bretton, Broughton Park, evaluation 1997

Broad Heath enclosure, excavation 1997

Bronllys bypass, evaluation 1996

Bryn Gwyn to Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd water main, evaluation 1993

Bryn Pen-y-lan, Wyfydd, evaluation 1998

Brynhenllys mine, evaluation 1994

Brynhenllys Opencast, assessment 1989

Brynsadwrn A483 Improvement, evaluation 1994

Buckley, Chester Road, evaluation, 1997

Builth Wells, Oaklands, evaluation 1993

Builth Wells, Spring Gardens, evaluation 1994

Builth Wells, Strand Yard, evaluation 1993

Caersws Fort I, Sewage Treatment Works, evaluation 1996

Caersws Fort I, Sewage Treatment Works, evaluation 1996 II

Caersws to Llanidloes gas pipeline, evaluation 1993

Caersws Vicus (CS 16), Manthrig Lane, evaluation 1988

Caersws Vicus, Llys Maldwyn Hospital, evaluation 1997

Caersws Vicus, Lower Green, evaluation 1993

Caerwys industrial trial pits 1990

Caerwys Old School Canteen, evaluation 1993/4

Carno Windfarm (Trannon Moor), assessment 1999

Carno Windfarm (Trannon Moor), evaluation 1993

Carno-Newtown powerline, evaluation 1996

Castell Collen Vicus metal detector survey 1997

Cefn Meriadog Watermains, evaluation 1996

Chirk sewage treatment works phase II, evaluation 1992

Craigfryn Cropmark, evaluation 1996

Criccin Cross, evaluation 2000

Crickhowell Castle, evaluation 1992

Crickhowell Castle, evaluation 1994

Crickhowell Church (St Edmund King and Martyr), evaluation 1993

Crickhowell, Beaufort Street, evaluation 1994

Criggion, The Mount to Haimwood Farm, survey 1997

Croes Atti, evaluation 1994

Cwmbach to Newbridge-on-Wye walk-over survey 1995

Cwmbach to Newbridge-on-Wye, assesment 1995

Cwmbach to Newbridge-on-Wye, evaluation 1995

Dan-y-Parc, evaluation 1995

Defynnog, Old Vicarage, evaluation 1997

Denbigh Castle, Castle Green, evaluation 1990

Denbigh Hospital earthwork, evaluation 1998

Denbigh Hospital, assessment 1997

Disserth, Rhos-goch assessment 1997

Domen Gastell, assessment 2000

Felinfach bypass, evaluation 1995

Ffrith Farm Frith, evaluation 1996

Flint Castle, evaluation 1988

Flint Church (St Mary), evaluation 1994

Flint Retail Park, evaluation 1994

Flint, Oakenholt, 421 Chester Road, evaluation, 1999

Flint: Castle moat archaeological, evaluation 1994

Fortex Environmental assessment, evaluation 1993

Fortex, Environmental Assessment 1993

Four Crosses Bypass, evaluation, 1998

Gelli to Mostyn Gas Pipeline assessment 1997

Gelli to Mostyn Gas Pipeline, evaluation 1997

Gladestry, Church House Farm, evaluation 1997

Glanfeinion, evaluation 1994

Gore Quarry, evaluation 1993

Gowdal Reclamation Scheme, Holywell, evaluation 1994

Greenfield: Abbey Farm, evaluation 1994

Gresford, Green Farm, evaluation, 2000

Gwenddwr, Church House, evaluation 2000

Hamner Mereside, evaluation 1993

Hay-on-Wye, Belmont Road, evaluation 1992

Hay-on-Wye, Castle Street 11-12, evaluation 1998

Hay-on-Wye, Castle Street 21, evaluation 1999

Hay-on-Wye, Gypsy Castle Lane, evaluation 1999

Henllan Uchaf, Ystradgynlais, evaluation 1994

Hill view, Lon Hylas, evaluation 1994

Holt, Green Street, evaluation 1993

Knucklas, field 2015, evaluation 1999

Llanbedr, village hall, evaluation, 1999

Llanddew, Old Coach House, evaluation 1992

Llanddew, Rose Cottage, evaluation 1995

Llanddew, Ty Gwyn field, evaluation 1995

Llandinam - Llanwrin pipeline, evaluation 1996

Llandyrnog Water Mains Refurbishment evaluation 1997

Llanelwedd former quarry, evaluation 1994

Llanfihangel Talyllyn, Neuadd Farm, evaluation 1996

Llanfilo medieval building, evaluation 1994

Llanfilo,Tycanol, evaluation 1994

Llangollen Canal, Trefor Wharf, evaluation 1992

Llangors Church (St Paulinus), evaluation 1997

Llangors Church (St Paulinus), evaluation 1997

Llangurig, Y Foel windfarm, evaluation 1991

Llangynidr, Greenacres, evaluation 1994

Llansantffraid Pumping Main assessment 1997

Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain, Cranford, evaluation, 1992

Llanspyddid Church (St Cattwg), evaluation 1995

Llanymynech hillfort, evaluation 1995

Llanymynech hillfort, evaluation, 1999

Llwyn Onn Mills, evaluation 1995

Llyswen, Castle Street, 21, evaluation 1999

Lower Soughton, Northop survey 1991

Lower Trelogan Lead Mine, evaluation 1995

Maes Mynan, desk-top assessment, 1993

Maes Mynan, evaluation 1994

Maescelyn Castle, evaluation

Maesderwen 'Roman Villa', bath house, trial pits 1997

Marcheini windfarm, Rhaeadr, evaluation 1991

Meifod, Church Walk, evaluation 1993

Merthyr Cynog, The Pentre, evaluation

Minera quarry, assessment 1992

Minera quarry, assessment 2000

Moel Findeg, assessment, 1999

Montgomery Electricity Supply, assessment 1993

Montgomery Thermostats survey, 1999

Montgomery, Back Lane, evaluation 1996

Montgomery, Chirbury Road, Garden Cottage, evaluation 1997

Montgomery, Chirbury Road, The Crofters, evaluation 1998

Montgomery, Gaol Road, evaluation 1999

Montgomery, Plas Du, evaluation 1995

Montgomery, Pool Road, test pits 1996

Montgomery, Westmead, evaluation 1992

Mount Pleasant-Fferm Water Main, evaluation 1994

Mynydd Clogau Windfarm assessment 1995

Mynydd Llanelidan windfarm, assessment 1992

Mynydd Nantcarfan windfarm evaluation 1994

Mynydd y Cemmaes B windfarm assessment 1996

Mynydd y Cemmaes windfarm assessment, 2000

Mynydd yr Hendre windfarm, evaluation 1993

Mynydd yr Hendre windfarm, evaluation 1995

Nant Gyrlais Opencast, evaluation 1995

New Cut Argae, assessment 1997

Newbridge drovers' road, evaluation 1995

Newbridge on Wye, renewable energy plant, assessment, 1997

Newtown, Crown Street 4, evaluation 1996

Newtown, Wesley Place, evaluation 1993

Northop, evaluation 1995

Oakenholt, Pentre Bridge, evaluation 1995

Offa's Dyke - Ditch Hill Bridge, evaluation 1993

Offa's Dyke - Fford Llanfynydd, evaluation 1998

Old Gwernyfed, evaluation 1993

Partrishow Hill, Bracken Challenge, survey, 1998

Pen y Coed wood, assessment 1998

Pen y Foel Hillfort, evaluation 1997

Pen y Gaer Fort, bath house, evaluation 1997

Pen y Gwely windfarm evaluation 1994

Pen-y-bont Farm, evaluation 1994

Pennant Mine, evaluation 1993

Penrhyddlan/Llidiartywaun Windfarm, evaluation 1991

Penrhyddlan/Llidiartywaun Windfarm, evaluation II 1992

Pentrefoelas Windfarm, survey, 1994

Peterstone Court, evaluation 1996

Plas Power and Nant Mill Woods, assessment 1998

Plassey golf course, evaluation 1993

Pontblyddyn North Wales Coal Works, evaluation 1994

Prestatyn Sewage Treatment Works, evaluation 1994

Prestatyn to Llanasa sewage pumping main, assessment 1997

Prestatyn to Llanasa sewage pumping main, evaluation 1999

Prestatyn, 179 High Street, evaluation 1996

Prestatyn, 2 The Avenue, evaluation 1993

Prestatyn, Ffordd Talargoch to Ffordd Penrhylfa, survey 1997

Prestatyn, Nant Hall Road, evaluation 1993

Reeves Hill, evaluation 1995

Rhos-on-sea Groynes, evaluation 1992

Rhosesmor Land Reclamation Scheme, evaluation, 1998

Rhydlydan Farm, evaluation 1992

Rhydymwyn to Northop Gas Pipeline, evaluation 1992

Rossett, proposed golf course at Cam-yr-Alyn, evaluation 1993

Ruthin, Brynhyfryd Park, evaluation 1995

Ruthin, Brynhyfryd Park, Sundale, evaluation 1996

Ruthin, Wynnstay Road, evaluation 1998

Sennybridge Castle (Castell Du), evaluation 1991

Sennybridge Castle (Castell Du), evaluation 1995

Snead Church (St Mary), evaluation 1998

St Asaph, Chester Street evaluation 1993

Sychdyn sewage treatment works, evaluation 1993

Talacre Historical Landscape Assessment 1995

Talgarth Bypass assessment 1994

Talgarth Church (St Gwendoline) medieval settlement, evaluation 1996

Talgarth, Neuadd Felin evaluation 1991

Talgath, School Street evaluation 1994

Tan Llan enclosure evaluation 1995

Tomen Cefn Glaniwrch Motte, evaluation 1988

Trannon (Roman road), evaluation 1993

Trannon Hydro-Power Scheme 2000

Tretower, Pen-y-gaer evaluation 1995

Tretower, Tyllys farm, evaluation, 1997

Trimm rock quarry assessment 1995

Trinity Well, evaluation 1997

Ty Mawr house, assessment 1979

Tyn Llan, Llanferres evaluation 1993

Walls Bridge evaluation 1996

Walton palisaded enclosure, evaluation 1998

Welshpool, Berriew Street, Safeway site, assessment 1998

Worthenbury Church (St Deniol), assessment, 1999

Wrexham Water Company evaluation 1992

Wrexham, 'Cross Foxes' evaluation 1997

Wrexham, Fivefords Industrial Estate, assessment 1996

Wrexham, Lambpit Street evaluation 1993

Wrexham, Ruabon Business Park evaluation 1997

Wrexham, Vicarage Hill and Town Hill, evaluation 1998

Ystradfellte-Pontneddfechan trunk main evaluation 1994

Ystradgynlais colliery, evaluation 1993


Field walking survey

Bronllan, field walking survey, 1991

Caersws Fort I, fieldwalking survey 1983

Llyn Aled Isaf flint scatter, fieldwalking 1989


Geophysical survey

Abbey Cwmhir abbey, geophysical survey 1998

Basingwerk Abbey, geophysical survey, 1992

Broad Heath enclosure, geophysical survey 1997

Broughton geophysical survey 1993

Buckley, Pinfold Lane, geophysical survey 1989

Bwlch y Cibau Enclosure, geophysical survey 1998

Caersws Causewayed Enclosure (CS 48), geophysical survey 1992

Caersws Fort II (CS 30), SE corner geophysics 1990

Caersws Fort II (CS 31), N side geophysics 1990

Caersws Fort II (CS 32), annexe geophysics 1990

Caersws Fort II (CS 33), annexe geophysics 1990

Caersws Fort II (CS 34), N annexe geophysics 1990

Caersws Fort II (CS 37), N side geophysics 1991

Caersws Fort II (CS 38), NW side geophysics 1991

Caersws Fort II (CS 39), W side geophysics 1991

Caersws Fort II (CS 40), W side geophysics 1991

Caersws Fort II, bath house (CS 47), geophysics 1993

Caersws Vicus (CS 35), road E of fort geophysics 1991

Caersws Vicus (CS 36), road NE of fort 1991

Caersws Vicus (CS 41), Chapel St geophysics 1991

Capel Spon Chapel geophysical survey 1991

Castell Collen Vicus geophysical survey 1997

Cefn y Castell Hillfort, geophysical survey, 1999

Clawdd Coch Roman Fort, geophysical survey 1993

Coed y Gaer Hillfort, geophyical survey 1997

Darren Ddu Mill, geophysical survey 2000

Dyffryn Lane Barrow I, geophysical survey 1992

Ffrith Roman Site, geophysical survey 1987

Flint, Oakenholt Caesar's Avenue, geophysical survey 1988

Four Crosses Bypass, geophysical survey, 1997

Gwytherin Church (St Winifred), `Capel Gwenfrewi', survey 1994

Hen Domen castle, geophysical survey 1991

Hindwell I enclosure, geophysical survey, 1995

Hindwell II palisaded enclosure, (Berrymeadow /Ox Pasture), geophysics 1997

Llandinam - Llandwrin Stage 2, geophysical survey 1997

Llangasty Tal-y-Llyn Church (St Gastyn), Glebefield, geophysics 1993

Llansantffraid-ym-Mechain, Cranford, geophysical survey, 1992

Lower Luggy long barrow, geophysical survey 1994

Maes Mynan, geophysical survey, 1994

Maesderwen 'Roman Villa', bath bouse, geophysical survey 1992

New Pieces Enclosure, geophysical survey 1996

Pen y Gaer Fort, bath house, geophysical survey, 1997

Pen-y-crug brick and tile works geophysical survey 1997

Prestatyn, Ysgol y Llys, geophysical survey 1986

Rough close flint scatter, geophysical survey 1995

Strata Marcella Abbey, geophysical survey 1990s

Sylfaen Enclosure I, geophysical survey 1999

Talgarth bypass, geophysical survey 1996

Ty Tan-y-foel cist, geophysical survey 1992

Valle Crucis Abbey, geophysical survey 1992

Walton Basin, geophysical survey 1994

Walton palisaded enclosure, geophysical survey 1995



Aberedw Castle, earthwork survey 1994

Bachaethlon Deserted Farmstead, survey 1990 ish

Brecon Beacons National Park (survey)

Bwlch y Cibau Dyke, survey 1998

Bwlch y Cibau Enclosure: ground survey 1998

Carno Windfarm (Trannon Moor), ground survey 1999

Craig Rhiwarth Hillfort, survey 1978ff

Darren-cilau tramroad survey 1994

Dyffryn Lane Barrow I, survey 1987

Erddig midden yard survey 1998

Erddig motte and bailey, survey 1999

Ffrith Roman Site, survey 1988

Fron Fraith Wood hillfort, survey 1986

Halkyn Mountain, caving event 1996

Hyddgen Mine, survey 1987

Llanbister Church (St Cynllo), churchyard  survey 1996

Llandrillo field survey 1995

Llandrillo-yn-Rhos Fish Weir survey 1997

Llanelwedd rocks survey 1996

Llangasty Tal-y-Llyn Church (St Gastyn), Glebefield, survey 1998

Luggy Motte, recording and conservation, 1995

Lymore Park ridge and furrow III, survey 1970

Moel Gloria hafod, survey 1989

Montgomery, Kerry Gate settlement, survey 1990

Mynydd Dyfnant stone row survey 1992

Nant y Garw Mine, survey 1997

New House long barrow, survey, 1997

Pant y Ffynnon "Hospitium" survey 1996

Pen Bwlch Glasgwm Pillow Mounds, Survey 1998

Pen y Crug hillfort, tile pottery survey

Pennant Mine, measured survey 1995

Penywyrlod Long Cairn, survey 1991

Rhos Fynach Wier, survey 1993

Sarkley, survey, 1970's

Sibwll Wood Camp ; Clwt Camp, survey 1987

Six Stones Stone Circle, survey 1986

Symon's Castle, survey 1985

Trelystan Church (All Saints), circular yard survey 1986

Wynnstay round barrow I, contour survey 1992


Watching briefs

A470 Trunk Road, Nant Crew Improvement, watching brief 1999

A494 Improvement, Tafarn y Gelyn, watching brief, 2001

Aberbechan Roman Road watching brief 1996 I

Aberbechan Roman Road watching brief 1996 II

Aberedw, Church Cottages, watching brief, 1999

Abergele Church, watching brief 2000

Abergele, 24/26 Market Street, watching brief, 1994

Acrefair Blast Furnace watching brief 1996

Afon Iwrch Hydro Electric Scheme, watching brief, 1999

Alwen to Corwen pipeline, watching brief, 1990

Arddleen, Horseshoe Inn, watching brief 1987

Axton watching brief 1994

Axton watching brief 1997

Bagillt, Boot End watching brief 1994

Bodfari, Tyddyn Llan, watching brief, 2000

Brecon, Cattle Market watching brief 1979

Brecon, Christ College School, watching brief 1996

Brecon, High St 3-4, watching brief 1999

Brecon, Old School, watching brief 1997

Brecon, Smithfield, watching brief 1999

Brynderwen Enclosure, watching brief 1978

Brynkinallt Colliery watching brief 1996

Buckley, Wayside, Little Mountain Road watching brief 1996

Bwlch, Old Road, watching brief 1999

Cadwgan Hall, watching brief, 1998

Caerau Fort, watching brief 1982

Caerau Fort, watching brief 1999

Caersws to Talerddig gas pipeline, watching brief, 1998

Caersws Vicus, Glyn villas watching brief 1995

Caersws Vicus, Smithfield Cattle Market, watching brief 1998

Caersws Vicus, Station Road watching brief 1995

Caerwys Old School Canteen watching brief 1995

Carno Windfarm (Trannon Moor), watching brief 1996

Carno, Cambrian House, watching brief 1992

Castell Noble, watching brief 1995

Cathedine, Castle Cottage watching brief 1990

Chirk, New Hall watching brief 1994

Clwyd Special Riding Centre, watching brief 2000

Coedgwgan Hall, watching brief 1997

Colwyn Castle, watching brief 1982

Crew Green, Acre Lane Argae watching brief 1997

Crickhowell Castle, watching brief, 2000

Cwrt Llechrhyd watching brief 1993

Discoed Castle Mound, watching brief 2000

Dolau Springs water main watching brief 1995

Dollynwydd Mill, watching brief, 1998

Domgay Lane, Four Crosses watching brief 1996

Dyffryn Lane Gas Pipiline watching brief 1978

Ffrith, Cymau Road, watching brief, 2000

Ffrith, watching brief 1995

Flint Castle, moat, watching brief 1996

Flint, Church Street, 71, watching brief 1998

Flint: Castle Dyke Street watching brief 1995

Four Crosses, Plas Foxen Farm watching brief 1992

Four Crosses, Waterford Pointe, watching brief, 1999

Gladestry Village Hall, watching brief, 1999

Glascoed to Kinmel Bay Water Main, watching brief 1993

Glascoed to Rhyl Replacement Main: watching brief 1994

Greenhill, Ffrith watching brief 1996

Gresford, The Sextons, watching brief, 1999

Guilsfield, Oak Lane, watching brief, 1995

Gwaenysgof, water supply scheme, watching brief, 1989

Halkyn Mountain watching brief 1995

Halkyn Mountain watching brief 1995 site 1

Halkyn Mountain watching brief 1995 site 1, shaft 2

Halkyn Mountain watching brief 1995, site 2

Halkyn Mountain watching brief 1995, site 3

Halkyn Mountain watching brief 1995, site 3, shaft S6

Halkyn Mountain watching brief 1995, site 4

Halkyn Mountain watching brief 1995, site 4, shaft S2

Halkyn Mountain watching brief 1995, site 5

Halkyn Mountain watching brief 1995, site 6

Hay-on-Wye, Belmont Road watching brief 1993

Hay-on-Wye, Heol-y-Dwr watching brief 1991

Hirnant Church (St Illog), watching brief 1998

Holt, Castle Mews watching brief 1998

Holt, Castle Mews, watching brief 1999

Holt, Church Street, Bethesda Chapel, watching brief 1994

Holt, Church Street, watching brief 1988

Holt, Frog Lane and Chapel Street watching brief 1993

Holt, Hand and Heart watching brief 1992

Holt: Hillcrest, Green Street watching brief 1995

Holywell to Greenfield Gas Pipeline, Clwyd watching brief 1994

Holywell to Greenfield sewerage pipeline, watching brief, 1997

Holywell, St Winefride's Chapel and Well, watching brief 1999

Hope, Chestnut House watching brief 1996

Johnstown, Ruabon Road watching brief 1996

Kentigern Arms watching brief 1994

Knighton, Broad St. 5, watching brief 1997

Knighton, Harding's Close, watching brief 1997

Knighton, High St. 23, watching brief 2000

Knighton, High St. 26-27, Price's shop, watching brief 1999

Knighton, Market Street watching brief 1990

Knighton, Market Street watching brief 1992

Knowle Hill watching brief 1994

Llanafanfawr, Red Lion Inn, watching brief 1998

Llanarmon-yn-Ial watching brief 1998

Llandefaelog Tre'r-graig Church, watching brief 1999

Llandew, Rose Cottage watching brief 1997

Llandrillo-yn-rhos Church (St Trillo), watching brief, 2000

Llandyssil, Church Pitch watching brief 1997

Llanelidan Church (St Elidan), watching brief 1998

Llanelieu Church (St Ellyw), watching brief 1999

Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd Church (St Mary), watching brief, 2001

Llanfair Talhaiarn Church (St Mary), watching brief 1999

Llanfaredd, Gelli Cadwgan watching brief 1997

Llanfihangel Talyllyn, Neuadd Farm, watching brief, 1999

Llanfihangel Talyllyn, Pistyll, watching brief,1999

Llangattock, Hillside water main watching brief 1996

Llangattock, Old School House, watching brief, 1999

Llanidloes Castle, watching brief 1996

Llanidloes Health Centre watching brief 1996

Llanigon, Church House plot watching brief 1997

Llanllwchaiarn, Rowan House watching brief 1994

Llanrhaeadr ym Mochnant, Wynnstay Arms, watching brief 2001

Llanrhaeadr-yng-Nghinmeirch Church (St Dyfnog), watching brief 1988

Llansantffraid Pumping Main Watching brief 1997

Llanspyddid, water mains renewal, watching brief, 1997

Llanthomas Motte, watching brief 1986

Llanymynech hillfort, watching brief (10th green), 2000

Llanymynech hillfort, watching brief (13th green), 1999

Llanymynech hillfort, watching brief (15th green), 1999

Llanymynech hillfort, watching brief (16th green), 2000

Llanymynech, Carreghofa Lane watching brief 1994

Llanymynech, veterinary surgery watching brief 1997

Llanyre Church, watching brief, 2000

Llechfaen, Dol Y Maes Farm, Watching brief, 2000

Lloc, 'The Singing Kettle', watching brief 2000-1

Llowes, Mill Cottages, watching brief, 2000

Llwybr-hir Roman Road, watching brief 1985

Llygan-y-wern, Pentre Halkyn, Clwyd, watching brief 1994

Machynlleth, Maengwyn Street Supermarket 1991

Machynlleth, The Skinners Arms, Penrallt St watching brief 1997

Maelor to Llandegla pipeline, phase I, watching brief, 1990

Maelor to Llandegla pipeline, phase II, watching brief, 1991

Maes Cwyn Mawr mound watching brief 1994

Maes Treylow watching brief 1994

Maesmynan quarry, watching brief 1992

Marchwiel Garage site watching brief 1994

Marchwiel, Old Hall Farm watching brief 1994

Merthyr Cynog, Church House, watching brief, 2000

Merthyr Cynog, The Pentre, watching brief, 1994

Moel Dda earthworks watching brief 1995

Moel Hiraddug hillfort, watching brief 1993

Montgomery Castle, approach watching brief 1994

Montgomery Electricity Supply, watching brief 1993

Montgomery, Arthur Street, watching brief 1993

Montgomery, Back Lane, watching brief 1996

Montgomery, Bishop's Castle Street, watching brief 1993-94

Montgomery, Castle Lane, watching brief 1993-94

Montgomery, Chirbury Rd, Garden Cottage, watching brief 2000

Montgomery, Chirbury Road, Plas Offa cottages, watching brief 1998

Montgomery, Chirbury Road, The Crofters, watching brief 1999

Montgomery, Chirbury Road, watching brief 1993-94

Montgomery, Chirbury Road, watching brief 1994

Montgomery, Forden Road, watching brief 1998

Montgomery, Gaol Road, watching brief 1993

Montgomery, Gaol Road, watching brief 1998

Montgomery, Kerry Gate, settlement, watching brief 2001

Montgomery, Kerry Road/Llandyssil Road, watching brief 1993-94

Montgomery, Lions Bank 'Clawdd y Dre', watching brief 1993

Montgomery, Pennie Lane, Rock House watching brief 1994

Montgomery, Plas Du, watching brief 1995-7

Montgomery, Pool Road, watching Brief 1996

Montgomery, Princes Square, watching brief 1996

Montgomery, School lane, watching brief 2000

Montgomery, Y Fedwyn, watching brief 1999

Mostyn to Point of Ayr Water Main, watching brief 1994

Mount Pleasant-Fferm Water Main watching brief 1994

Mynydd Isa watching brief 1996

Mynydd Isa watching brief 1998

Mynydd y Gaer Camp, watching brief 1997

New Cut Argae, Rhyd Esgyn watching brief 1996

New Radnor, High St 6, watching brief 1986

Newtown Old Church (St Mary), watching brief 1999

Newtown water renewal watching brief Gro Tump 1993

Oakenholt, Leadbrook Hall watching brief 1996

Oakenholt-Flint pipeline watching brief 1995

Offa's Dyke - Chirk Castle, watching brief, 1998

Offa's Dyke - Coed Talon, watching brief 1989

Offa's Dyke - Home Farm Chirk Castle, watching brief 1988

Offa's Dyke - Knighton, Offa's Road, The Yard, watching brief 1997

Offa's Dyke - watching brief 1988

Old Hall Farm watching brief 1994

Overton, Dark Lane watching brief 1993

Padeswood Golf Club watching brief 1992

Pant Quarry, survey and watching brief 2000

Penishapentre, watching brief 1996

Pennant Mine, archaeological monitoring, 1999

Plas Coch (North Wales Regional Tennis Centre), watching brief 1996

Plas Coch Roman settlement, temporary car park, watching brief, 1996

Pont Dafydd and Waen watching brief 1997

Pontblyddyn North Wales Coal Works evaluation 1995

Powis Castle, watching brief 1985-86

Prestatyn Council Offices watching brief 1997

Prestatyn, 4 and 6 Victoria Avenue, watching brief 1998

Prestatyn, Aberconway Road 20, watching brief 1994

Prestatyn, Knowles Avenue 22 watching brief 1997

Prestatyn, Knowles Avenue 6 watching brief 1997

Prestatyn, Mostyn Avenue 13, watching brief 1994

Prestatyn, Sandy Lane 28, watching brief 1992

Presteigne Church, watching brief 1999

Presteigne, Hereford St 27-28, watching brief

Presteigne, Hereford St 45, watching brief, 2000

Presteigne, High St/Green St car park watching brief 1998

Presteigne, St David's St `Manor House', watching brief 1998

Rhayader, Castle Street, Stores Cottages 1&2, watching brief 1998

Rhiwlas, Babell Road watching brief 1994

Rhos Argae, watching brief 1997

Rhos Fynach Wier, watching brief 1993

Rhos-on-Sea water mains watching brief 1996

Rhuddlan, Castle Day Nursery, Gwindy Street watching brief 1996

Rhuddlan, Parc Edith, watching brief 2000

Rhuddlan, Princes Road watching brief 1989

Rhuddlan, Rhyl Road watching brief 1990

Rhuddlan, Rhyl road watching brief 1990

Rhuddlan, Rhyl Road watching brief 1992

Rhuddlan, Rhyl Road watching brief 1993

Rhyl-Abergele sewage treatment pipe, watching brief 1993

River Elwy, New Inn, St Asaph, watching brief 1993

Rodens Hall, Bowling Bank 1994

Ruthin, Clwyd St 39,41 watching brief 1993

Sarn Rug Roman road, watching brief 1993

Sennybridge Castle (Castell Du), watching brief, 2000

Sewage Disposal Improvements, Bagillt, Flintshire 1999

Snead mill, watching brief, 1999

St Asaph, Roman road RR67A, watching brief 1994

St Harmon, Cwmis Rhiw watching brief 1993

St Trillo's Chapel, watching brief 1993

St Winefride's Well watching brief 1994

St. Asaph, Bro Havard, watching brief, 1999

Talgarth Church (St Gwendoline), watching brief 1997

Trelawnyd watching brief 1996

Tretower, Greenhill Farm, watching brief 2000

Valle Crucis Abbey, watching brief 1994

Valle Crucis Abbey, watching brief 1995

Waen, Felin Newydd, watching brief, 1999

Walton, bus shelter, watching brief 1994

Wat's Dyke - Erddig, watching brief 1992

Wat's Dyke - Flint, watching brief 1995

Wat's Dyke - Pigeon House Farm, watching brief, 1995

Wat's Dyke - Sychdyn watching brief 1995

Wat's Dyke - Sychdyn watching brief 1997

Wat's Dyke - watching brief 1995

Welshpool, Berriew St, Safeway site, watching brief 1999

Welshpool, Church Bank water mains watching brief 1993

Welshpool, Domen Gastell, watching brief 1996

Welshpool, High Street/Broad St watching brief 1993

Worthenbury Church (St Deniol), watching brief, 2000

Wrexham, Chester Road 312, watching brief 1997

Wrexham, Plas Coch watching brief 1996

Wrexham, Ruthin Road watching brief 1991

Wrexham, Ty Gwyn Lane watching brief 1990

Wrexham, Vicarage Hill and Town Hill, watching brief, 1999-2000