A Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales

East and Northeast Wales – Current and Recent Research Projects




Archaeological InvestigationsLtd

Sennybridge Archaeological Survey, 1999

Survey for the production of an integrated land management plan for AFTC Sennybridge. (Boucher, A & Crooks, K, 2000).


Brecon Beacons National Park

Ty MawrProject

Ongoing assessment and interpretation project on a house and its landscape setting.


L. Butler – University of York

Dolforwyn Castle

Long term excavation project on behalf of Cadw, to investigate and consolidate the guardianship castle at Dolforwyn.


Cadw/ CCW/CPAT           

Register of Historic Landscapes I & II

National overview of the historic content of the Welsh landscape, carried out by Cadw, CCW and ICOMOS in 1998. 


Cadw / English Heritage

Offa’s Dyke Initiative

Long term management of Offa’s Dyke. Project hosted by CPAT


Cambrian Archaeological Projects               

Elan Valley Survey

Upland survey under the Upland Initiative


A. Caseldine - Department of Archaeology, University of Wales Lampeter

Funerary and Ritual Sites Project

Analysis of pollen from selected sites. Ongoing project.


F. Chambers - Centre for Environmental Change and Quaternary Research GEMRU, University of Gloucestershire

Llangorse Lake

Palaeoenvironmental study. Ongoing project.


Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust              

Caersws: an archaeological assessment 1991

Assessment of all known archaeological work done in Caersws

Clwyd Metal Mines Survey 1993

Assesment of Clwyd metal mines 1993. with follow up earthwork surveys

Clwyd Small Enclosures Survey 1993-95

Assessment of Clwyd Small Enclosures, with follow up earthwork surveys

Coastal survey: Rhos-on-Sea to Saltney 1995

Cadw funded coastal survey

Cwm Pennant, Llandrillo survey 1995

Survey of c12sq miles at Cwm Pennant (Hankinson, R 1995a).

Dee Estuary Historic Landscape Survey, 1998

Landscape survey carried out by CPAT in 1998.  Its aim was to identify sites within the general area of the Dee Estuary and examine the evidence for the development of the landscape and the threats posed to the archaeological resource as a whole by the rapid development of the area.  The project identifed a significant number of new sites, some of which are related to the former coastline, as well as tracing the history of enclosure, reclamation and industrialisation (Jones, N W, 1998, 47).

Deserted Medieval and Later Rural Settlements

A series of regional surveys as part of a Cadw-funded programme of fieldwork to examine the deserted medieval and early post-medieval rural settlement sites in Wales

Early Medieval Ecclesiastical sites 2002

Current Cadw project looking at early eccelesiatcial settlement 

Elan Valley Uplands Survey 1994

Upland survey

Historic Settlement Survey Projects

Various Cadw / local authoity funded Historic Settlement stuies.

Historic Landscape Characterisation, Dyffryn Clwyd 1998

One of a series of Landscape Characterization exercises undertaken by CPAT with funding by Cadw 1998/9, concentraing on the Vale of Clwyd, an historically important, diverse and well-preserved landscape in Denbighshire.

Historic Landscape Characterisation, Dyffryn Tanat 1998

One of a series of Landscape Characterization exercises undertaken by CPAT with funding by Cadw 1998/9, concentrating on the Tanat Valley, an historically important, diverse and well-preserved landscape covering an area of 101km2 in northern Powys.

Historic Landscape Characterisation, Holywell Common and Halkyn Mountain 2000

One of a series of Landscape Characterization exercises undertaken by CPAT with funding by Cadw. 2000, concentrating on Holywell Common and Halkyn Mountain, Flintshire, a mining landscape of the C18th.

Historic Landscape Characterisation, Vale of Montgomery 2000

One of a series of Landscape Characterization exercises undertaken by CPAT with funding by Cadw 2000, concentrating on the Vale of Montgomery, Powys.

Lake Vyrnwy Joint Afforestation Scheme, assessment 1998

Archaeological assessment carried out to inform Severn Trent Water about the nature and condition of archaeological features on that part of the Estate that is managed by Forest Enterprise.  102 sites were recorded during the course of

the survey, 87 of which had not been recorded previously (Hankinson, R & Thomas, D, 1998).

Lake Vyrnwy Uplands Survey

Ongoing survey project around Lake Vyrnwy, on the western edge of the old county of Montgomeryshire with funding provided by Severn Trent Water Ltd.

Aerial Photograph Mapping, 1995-6

Series of AP mapping projects carried out by CPAT in 1995-98.

Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust Reserves, survey 2001

Archaeological baseline survey of 16 Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust Wildlife Reserves, carried out by CPAT in 2000/2001. The objectives of the study were to reveal by combination of desk-based study and field survey, the nature, condition and significance of the archaeology within the boundaries of the Wildlife Reserves and assist in future management. Follow up work ongoing

Pennant, Llandrillo field survey 1996

Archaeological field survey of area with a number of cairns, hut circles and field systems (Silvester, R J 1996).

Powys Metal Mines Survey 1993

Survey and assessment of Powys non ferous metal mines, with follow up earthwork surveys

Prehistoric Funerary and Ritual Sites: Denbighshire and East Conwy 1999

Ongoing programme of survey of prehistoric funerary and ritual sites through out CPAT area

Radnorshire Commons Survey 1998

Survey of two tracts of upland common in the north of Radnorshire, funded by RCAHMW under the Uplands Initiative.

Radnorshire Hills Survey 1997

Upland survey project

Roman Civil Settlements in Southern Powys, Archaeological Assessment 2000

Project to reassess the current evidence for Roman civil settlement within the former counties of Brecknock and Radnorshire and provide new insight into its nature and distribution. The study consisted of a combination of desk-based research with a programme of field survey and assessment.  Excavations were also carried out at Maesderwen Roman villa, Broad Heath cropmark enclosure and Pen-y-gaer bath house (Jones, N W & Owen, W J, 2000a).

Round huts, desktop assessment

The first stage of a survey of round huts in Clwyd and Powys.  A desktop assessment has been produced of the known resource, to be followed up by a programme of fieldwork.

Round huts of central Powys, survey 1999

Study of prehistoric and Romano-British round huts in the historic county of Radnorshire and part of north Montgomeryshire, carried out by CPAT in 1998/9. Fieldwork focused on those sites that had either been positively identified as round huts in the past by fieldworkers or those where there was some element of uncertainty in the proposed chronology or function of the monuments (Silvester, R J, 1999).

Ruabon Mountain Survey 1995

Ruabon Mountain Survey covering c14 sq km identified 136 archaeological features (Silvester, R J & Hankinson, R 1995a; Silvester, B 1995b, 44-45).

Short Dykes Project 2002

Current project looking at the conditionn and management of short dykes in the Welsh borders

Small Enclosures in North-East Wales, 1998

Project followed up to rapid survey of small enclosures within the former county of Clwyd, undertaken during 1993/4, which made provisional recommendations for scheduling a number sites. A programme of site visits, aerial photographic rectification and total station

ground survey was undertaken to further investigate 29 sites.

Trannon Moor historic landscape study & Environemtnal Monitoring 1996ff

Ongoing project to monitor and investigate the long term effects of the Trannon Moor Windfarm on the historic environment.  Elements of landscape ananlysiss and field work with annual condition monitoring

Ty Cynfin woodland sites survey 1995

Group of sites recorded in woodland application area at Ty Cynfin including charcoal mounds, farmstead and various former field boundaries (CPAT 1995).

Unenclosed Prehistoric Settlements (lithic) 2002

Current Cadw  funded project looking at settlement through lithic scatters  

Walton Basin project, 1993-7

Survey and assessment of the Walton Basin carried out by CPAT from 1993-7.  It intended to quantify and characterise the total archaeology of the basin, for the increased protection and better management of the archaeological resource.  The initial desk-based study was supported by survey, aerial survey, geophysical survey and trial excavation to build as complete a picture as possible of the archaeological potential of the area (Gibson, A, 1999).

Walton Basin (Prehistoric Links in Modern Europe) 1996

An EC grant aided project to research into methods of better protection of archaeological remains.  The Walton Basin (Wales), Flanders (Belgium) and Zwolle-Ittersumerbroek (Netherlands) were used as case studies.  In the Walton Basin, the problem of the agricultural degradation of earthwork monuments was addressed (Clevis, H & de Jong, J, 1998).

Walton Basin survey 1998 (SEPAH)

Survey and evaluation of sites in the Walton Basin funded by Cadw and a European Commission grant (from the Raphael Programme), and carried out by CPAT, the Discovery Programme, the City Archaeology Service of Zwolle and the Bayerisches Landesamt fur Denmalpflege in Munich. There were 3 practical elements to the project.  Physical survey, geophysical survey and digital terrain modelling of the Hindwell enclosure (PRN 19376).

Warren Wood survey 2000

Archaeological survey of Warren Wood carried out by CPAT in 2000 to identify the archaeological resource and assist with its future management.  The survey identified 9 archaeological sites and 12 different species of specimen trees

Welsh Historic Churches Projects

Series of projects to assess the architectural and above-ground archaeology of pre-C19th church site as part of the Welsh Historic Churches Project, a pan-Wales programme initiated and funded by Cadw.  The surveys integrated a study of readily available documentary sources with field recording, particular attention being payed to the structural history of the church and

churchyard and the survival of pre-C19th fixtures and fittings.

West Berwyn Survey 1990-95

West Berwyn Survey covering a period of five years including measured survey

(Silvester, R J 1995b, 3; Silvester, B 1995a, 31; Silvester, B 1995e, 45).


Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust / Brecon Beacons National Park

Black Mountains Upland Surveys 1997ff

Two survey with Brecon Beacons National Park under the Uplands Initiative. (Jones, N W and Dorling, P 1997).


Denbighshire County Counci Countryside Service    

Clwydian Range Upland Surveys 1994ff

Rapid assessment of the archaeological resource of the Clwydian Range initiated by RCAHMW.  Intended to provide conservation and management recommendations for the archaeological resource, and identify potential threats to sites (Gale, F, 1997, 5).

Llantisilio Upland Survey 1999

Upland survey carried out by Denbighshire Countryside Service on Llantisilio Mountain, an area proposed as an extension to the Clwydian Range Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.  The survey aimed to assess the condition of known sites and evaluate current threats, locate previously unrecorded sites and draw up recommendations relating to the conservation and management of the upland area (Denbighshire Countryside Service, 1999).

North Berwyns Survey

Upland survey project


Gwynedd Archaeological Trust

Llys Euryn Project 1998ff

Ongoing occasional excavation and interpretation project of multiperiod hillfort on behalf of local authority.


Hereford & Worcester County Council Archaeology Service 

River Teme Survey 1997ff

Archaeological survey on the corridor of the River Teme (mostly in Herefordshire).  Carried out in 1997 by County Archaeological Service, Hereford and Worcester County Council, on behalf of the Environment Agency (Cook, M, 1997).


Bob Higham (& the late Phil Barker) – University of Exeter

Hen Domen Project1963-2000

Long term excavation and landscape survey project of motte and bailey castle.


Ironbridge Institute of Industrial Aerchaeology        

Leighton Estate Project

Series of surveys carried out at the Leighton Park Estate by students of the Institute of Industrial Archaeology, Ironbridge, under the supervision of the RCAHMW.  (Coode, LM, Doring, C, Jackson, J & Swann, S, 1986).


Lancaster University Archaeological Unit

Chirk to Holyhead road (A5) project  2000

Survey carried out by the Lancaster University Archaeological Unit in 2000 to record Thomas Telford's road and develop a management strategy for the future on behalf of Cadw


Llangynidr Historical Society

Landynidr Project

Ongoing, occasional survey and excavation on Llangunidr DMV and its environs


Graham Makepeace – private fieldworker

Brecon Beacons  / Black Mountains Project

Various private suvery projects


M. Macklin, Paul Brewer & Tom Coulthard - Institute of Geography and Earth Sciences, University of Wales, Aberystwyth

Historical river channel change in Wales.

GIS database of all major Welsh rivers down to their tidal limits. Funded by EAW & CCW to which a PhD project is also linked. Ongoing project - completion 2002.

Late Quaternary river development in the Dyfi basin.

A UWA funded PhD project. Completion 2003

Modeling Holocene river response to environmental change.

A 3 year NERC funded project (to start in August 2002) based in the upper Severn.

Modeling and evaluating flood risk in Wales.

A 3 year project funded by NAW, EAW, CCW & BGS that will start August/September 2002. River basins that will be investigated are the Dee, Teifi, Dyfi & upper Severn. This includes a radiocarbon dating programme of Holocene alluvial sediments funded by the BGS.

The geomorphological impacts of the autumn 2000 floods on the upper Severn.

NERC funded. Completion 2002.


National Museums and Galleries of Wales

Botnewedd (and the Elwy Valley)  Cave Project

Various excavations and assessment of limestone cave sites


National Museums and Galleries of Wales / University College of Wales Cardiff

Llangors Crannog (and environs) Project

Excavation and landscape assessment of crannog site


National Trust

Cwm Gwdi

Archaeological survey carried out by the National Trust

The Begwns, archaeological survey, 1997

Archaeological survey carried out by the National Trust

Ty Mawr Survey

Archaeological survey carried out by the National Trust


Oxford Archaeology (Northern)

Upland Peat Project – Ruabon Mountain 2002

Current upland survey projectunder Uplands Initiative


Powys County Counci

Buildings at Risk Survey 2002ff

Historic buildings survey


Bill Putnam – University of Bournmouth

Roman roads in Powys

Various field work projects on mid Wales’ roman road network.



AP mapping projects

Various aerial photograph mapping projects carried out by RCAHMW.

Brecon & Abergavenny Canal

Assessment project on the canal

Radnorshire farm houses

Survey of farm building for forthcoming punblication

West Radnorshire Survey

Upland survey


Skeates, R – University of East Anglia, Norwich         

Brecon Beacons Archaeological Survey 1996

Upland survey on behalf of the National Trusy under thre Uplans Initiative


Skeates, R & James Bonsal              - University of East Anglia, Norwich

Abergwesyn Common Archaeological Survey, 1998ff

Ongoing survey of about 6900 hectares of the National Trust owned Abergwesyn Common.


Hugh Toller

Roman roads in Powys

Various field work projects on mid Wales’ roman road network.




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