A Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales

East and Northeast Wales – Post Medieval, Key sites



Agriculture and Subsistence


Brenig 9-39: clearance cairns, Llanrhaeadr-yng-nghinmeirch, Denbighshire

Partially excavated group of clearance cairns (CPAT SMR PRN 100638)

Excavation Lynch, F / 1973

Kelly, R, 1973; Lynch, F, 1974;


Bryn Glas (Isygarreg) Settlement, Cadfarch, Powys

Site of rural small holding partially excavated by James Barfoot (CPAT SMR PRN 17580)

Excavation Barfoot, J / 1986

Excavation Barfoot, J / 1992

Barfoot, J, 1986;


Bwlch Rafallon Goch enclosure, Cadfarch, Powys

Agricultural enclosure excavated by James Barfoot (CPAT SMR PRN 17499)

Excavation Barfoot, J / 1987

Barfoot, J, 1987;


Bwlch Rafallon Goch structure, Cadfarch, Powys

Agriculture structure excavated by James Barfoot (CPAT SMR PRN 17500)

Excavation Barfoot, J / 1986

Barfoot, J, 1987;


Carneddau Farmstead, Carno, Powys

Bipartite stone longhouse, associated farm buildings and concentric field system - partially excavated in advance of afforestation (CPAT SMR PRN 6317)

Excavation CPAT / 1989-90

Silvester, R J, 1990;


Collfryn enclosure, corn dryer, Llansantffraid, Powys

Circular dry-stone built corn drying kiln with flue built into the innermost rampart of Iron Age enclosure. Found during excavation of enclosure. C14 dates. (CPAT SMR PRN 50538)

Excavation CPAT / 1980-82Arable

Britnell, W, 1980; Britnell, W, 1984; Britnell, W, 1989;


Foel pillow mounds, Dwyriw, Powys

Group of over 50 pillow mounds which overly ploughing ridges. Survey and partial excavation in advance of quarrying. (CPAT SMR PRN 1332)

Excavation CPAT / 1990

Brassil, K, 1987; Silvester, R J, 1990; Silvester, R J, 1990; Silvester, R J, 1990; Silvester, R J, 1995; Silvester, R J & Brassil, K S, 1991; Spurgeon, C J, 1967;





Brecon, Bethel Square, post medieval building I, Powys

Excavation identified the remains of a post-medieval building against town wall  (CPAT SMR PRN 50027)

Excavation GGAT / 1995

Locock, M, 1995; Locock, M, 1996; Locock, M & Marvell, A G, 1995;


Brenig 48: Nant Criafolen settlement, Llanrhaeadr-yng-nghinmeirch, Denbighshire

A group of 7 or more rectangular house foundations and related enclosures with outer bank and inner ditch. Partial excavation in 1973 produced 15th-16th century pottery. (CPAT SMR PRN 100632)

Excavation Allen, D / 1974

Allen, D, 1974; Allen, D, 1974; Allen, D, 1974; Allen, D, 1975; Allen, D, 1975; Allen, D, 1979; Allen, D, 1981; Burnham, H, 1995; Davies, E, 1929;


Newtown, Crown Street 4, Powys

A number of former buildings of 17th or 18th century date excavated prior to redevelopment. (CPAT SMR PRN 35016)

Excavation CAP / 1996

Tavener, N, 1996; Tavener, N, 1996;


Ruthin, Nantclwyd House, Ruthin, Denbighshire

Nantclwyd House: a late 16th century timber-framed house (with earlier core) with plaster on upper parts and roughcast stone below. Excavation and survey. (CPAT SMR PRN 102552)

Excavation CPAT / 1991

Excavation CPAT / 1993

Brassil, K & Jones, N W, 1991; Brassil, K S & Meredith, P J, 1993; Brassil, K S, Jones, N W & Owen, W J, 1991; Brassil, K S, Jones, N W & Owen, W J, 1993; Welsh Office, 1950;





Bersham Ironworks, Esclusham, Wrexham

Extensive excavations of iron smelting / working complex. Various furnaces etc. (CPAT SMR PRN 101243)

Excavation Grenter, S / 1987-91

Excavation Grenter, S / 1997

Edwards, I, 1961; Edwards, I, 1972; Edwards, I, 1990; Grenter, S, 1987; Grenter, S, 1988; Grenter, S, 1989; Grenter, S, 1990; Grenter, S, 1991; Grenter, S, 1992; Grenter, S, 1997; Grenter, S & Williams, A, 1992; Jacobs, C A J, 1980; Martin, R, 1999; McNeil Sale, R, 1978; Morgan Rees, D, 1975; Palmer, A N, 1898; Turley, J T, 1978; Vince, J, 1993; Williams, A L, 1986; Williams, G V, 1999;


Buckley Potteries, Flintshire

Various excavations on several pottery works belonging to the Buckley group (particularly Brookhill, Cotterell's, Ewloe Green, Willow's) Kiln bases, pottery etc.

Excavation Liverpool University / 1972-3

Excavation McNeil / 1984

Excavation Bentley / 1975

Geophysics CPAT / 1986

Excavation CPAT / 1986

BPWTG, 1975; Davy, P J, 1976; Messham, J E, 1956; McNeil, R, 1984; Davey, P J, 1976; Earthworks, forthcoming; BPWTG, 1975; Bentley, J et al, 1973; Davy, P J, 1976; McNeil, R, 1984; Messham, J E, 1956; Weetman, M, 1986;


Buckley Tramway, Flintshire

Horse drawn industrial tramway - partially excavated (CPAT SMR PRN 106379)

Excavation Bentle / 1990

Bentley, J et al, undated


Hay-on-Wye, Belmont Road, tanning pit, Powys

Post-medieval occupation consisting of probable tanning pit containing leather and wood fragments (CPAT SMR PRN 50024)

Excavation GGAT / 1995

Lennox, P J, 1992; Lennox, P J, 1992; Lennox, P J, 1995;



Religious, Ritual and Funerary


Whitford Church yard, Flintshire

Excavation in churchyard recovered numerous post medieval burials. (CPAT SMR PRN 17849)

Excavation CPAT / 1993

CPAT, 1993;




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