A Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales

Southwest Wales – Early Medieval, key sites






Caer, Bayvil

Numerous cist and dug graves excavated in a small Iron Age defended enclosure. Supported by radiocarbon date.

James 1987


Llanychlwydog Church

Radiocarbon date from a cist grave. Other burials present.

Murphy 1987


St Brides

Radiocarbon dates obtained from eroding cist and over graves.

Murphy 1986


Llandysilio Church

Study of the church and parish, 500-1543

James 1997


Other burials/churches key texts: Edwards and Lane 1992; James T 1992: James H 1992b



Early Christian Monuments


Key texts: Dark 1992; Edwards forthcoming; Lewis 1976b; Nash-Williams 1950; Thomas 1994





Carew Castle

Excavation and survey at a medieval castle with evidence of early medieval occupation.

Austin 1993, 1995a, 1995b; Campbell 1990


Coygan Camp

Excavations in small hillfort with evidence of early medieval use.

Wainwright 1967


Gateholm Island, Pembrokeshire

Small-scale excavation and survey suggests early medieval occupation

Davies, Hague and Hogg 1971; Lethbridge and David 1930


Longbury Bank

Excavations, little structural evidence, but artefacts supported by radiocarbon dates. Environmental evidence: plant macrofossils; animal bone; molluscs.

Campbell and Lane 1993


Llawhaden Group of defended enclosures

Williams and Mytum 1998


Other key settlement texts: Arnold and Davies 2000; Edwards and Lane 1988



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