A Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales

Southwest Wales –Medieval, key sites






Cardigan Castle

Survey and excavation within the castle.

Murphy and O’Mahoney 1985


Carew Castle

Excavation and survey.

Austin 1993, 1995a, 1995b


Dryslwyn Castle

Partial excavation of castle. Environmental evidence: plant macrofossils; animal bone; molluscs; insects.

Capel 1990; Capel and Jessop 1996; Webster 1981, 1982; Webster and Caple 1983


Laugharne Castle

Extensive excavations within the castle. Environmental evidence: plant macrofossils; animal bone.

Avent 1978, 1979,1988, 1992, 1993


Newcastle Emlyn

Survey and excavation.

Parry 1987


Pembroke town walls

Survey of the medieval town walls.

King and Cheshire 1982


Tenby town walls

Survey of the medieval town walls of Tenby.

Thomas 1993


Monastic sites


Haverfordwest Priory

Large-scale excavation of the priory. Not yet fully published. Environmental evidence: animal bone; molluscs.

Rees 1987


St. John’s and St. Teulyddog’s Priory, Carmarthen

Excavations supported by finds reports and bone analysis.

James T, 1985


Greyfriars, Carmarthen

Extensive excavations, supported by finds reports, environmental analyses and scientific dates.

James 1997




Capel Teilo, Kidwelly

Account of small-scale excavations.

Jones 1991


Llanychlwydog Church

Excavation in and around a medieval church.

Murphy 1987


Other key churches/chapels texts: Ludlow 2000a - d





Newport, Pembrokeshire

Excavations in a deserted part of the medieval town, supported by pottery analysis. Environmental evidence: plant macrofossils.

Murphy 1994a



Small-scale excavations within the medieval town.

Lawler 1998


St Clears

Small-scale excavations on line of defences. Radiocarbon dates. Environmental evidence: pollen.

Murphy 1997


Wiston, Pembrokeshire

Excavation and survey in a deserted medieval town, supported by pottery analysis, environmental analysis and a radiocarbon date..

Murphy 1995b


Other town key texts: Soulsby 1983


Architecture/standing buildings


The King’s Court, Talley

Structural analysis of a late medieval monastic hall house.

Roberts and Suggett 1999


Penallt, Kidwelly

Structural analysis of a medieval house.

Davis 1989


St Davids Bishop’s Palace

Survey and structural analysis of the palace.

Turner 2000


Other key architecture/standing building texts: Smith 1988, 1994


Field systems


Marros Mountain, Carmarthenshire

Survey of a relict strip field system.

Murphy 1988


Other field system texts

Davies 1973




Bryn Cysegrfan, Llanfair Clydogau

Excavation and survey of pillow mounds and associated structures. Supported by radiocarbon dates. Environmental evidence: pollen; soil studies.

Austin 1988




Pottery Studies


Most pottery studies are contained within reports on excavations cited above – Cardigan Castle, Greyfriars Carmarthen, Newport  and Wiston. A key text is Papazian and Campbell 1992. See also Brennan and Murphy 1993-4.




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