A Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales

Southwest Wales – Post Medieval, key sites




Parks and Gardens



Extensive excavations and survey of the gardens and house. Environmental evidence: animal bone; wood; dendrochronology.

Blockley forthcoming, Briggs 1999



Various surveys and excavations, including excavation of cold bath.

Kerkham and Briggs 1991; Murphy 1999, Murphy forthcoming


Middleton Hall

Extensive excavations on the gardens at Middleton Hall. Environmental evidence: pollen.

Blockley forthcoming



Deserted settlements


Tro’r Derlwyn

Excavation of a deserted settlement on the Black Mountain, supported by radiocarbon date. Environmental evidence: plant macrofossils; pollen; soil studies.

Benson and Crane 1998


Nant Garw Valley

Survey/analysis of deserted settlements on part of Black Mountain

Ward 1995


Other key deserted settlement texts: Leighton 1997; Muckle and Williams 1992; Vaughan 1966; Ward 1991



Landscape Studies


Mynydd y Ffynnon upland survey

Survey of a tract of upland in north Ceredigion. Prehistoric and medieval sites recorded as well as post medieval.

Sambrook, and Sambrook and Hankinson 1997 – 2001



Civil War defences to 19th century defences



Account of small-scale excavations on Carmarthen’s Civil War defences.

James 1991



20th century defences


Rhos Llangeler Command Stop Line

Description of WW2 defences on Rhos Llangeler, and Pembrey and Burry Port.

Glover 1990



Standing buildings


Scotsborough House, Pembrokeshire

Survey of a ruined medieval and later mansion.

Davis 1990


Llettyrychen, Carmarthenshire

Structure analysis of an early modern house.

Davies 1998


Tudor Merchant’s House, Tenby

Environmental analyses of a cesspit fill, plus pottery analysis. Environmental evidence: plant macrofossils; fish bone; pollen; molluscs; insects.

Murphy et al 1989


Other key standing building texts: Smith 1988, 1994





Morfa Bacas fish traps, River Loughor

Suvey with radiocarbon dates.

Page 1997





Charcoal-fuelled iron furnaces

Survey and historical background to the early post-med iron industries of southwest Wales.

Page and Wilson 2002


Cwmystwth metal mine

Historic account and analysis of remains at a major Ceredigion lead mine.



Dyfi Furnace

Excavation and survey on a charcoal fired iron furnace.

Dinn 1988


Frongoch metal mine

Historic account and analysis of remains at a major Ceredigion lead mine.

Bick 1986


Goginan metal mine

Historic account and analysis of remains at a major Ceredigion lead mine.



Kidwelly Tin Plate Works

Account of excavations and historical background.

Ludlow 1991


Limekilns/quarry of southeast Carmarthenshire

Survey of all sites and excavation of three kilns.

Murphy 1994b; Sambrook 1995; Manning 2000


Other industrial key texts: Bick 1974, 1983, 1988: Lewis 1988; Palmer 1988; Prichard 1985



Pottery Studies

Few studies are devoted to Post Medieval Pottery. But see Murphy and  O’Mahoney 1985 and Brennan et al 1993-4.





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