A Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales

Southwest Wales – Radiocarbon Dates




Pal = Palaeolithic: Meso = Mesolithic: Neo = Neolithic: BA = Bronze Age: IA = Iron Age: RB = Romano-British: EM = Early Medieval: Med = Medieval: PM = Post Medieval: Modern


Note: Included in this list are dates that lie outside the later Bronze Age/Iron Age but are from sites considered to be of these periods (such as the Neolithic/Bronze Age date from Bryn Maen Caerau) and later Bronze Age/Iron Age dates from sites considered to be earlier or later.


Site                              Uncalibrated     Context                                                                        Period

Lab. No.                      Date                                                                                                     of Date


Brawdy Hillfort

                                    2430±50 bp     Charcoal from iron-working hearths                  IA

                                                2390±60 bp            Charcoal from iron-working hearths                 IA


Bryn Maen Caerau

CAR-1071                              4820±70 bp            From feature pre-dating pre-enclosure soil                      Neo - BA

CAR –1497A                         3540±70 bp            Fill of pit 200                                                                         BA

CAR-1497B                3440±70 bp     Fill of pit 200                                                    BA

CAR-1229                          3180±70 bp          Pre-rampart occupation                                                         BA                                                                          

CAR-1070                              2520±70 bp            Pre-rampart occupation                                                      BA – IA


Caer Cadwgan

CAR-969                     2580±70 bp     Charcoal spread from burnt defensive gate                    BA - IA

CAR-968                     2360±70 bp     Charcoal spread from burnt defensive gate                    IA


Caer, Bayvil

CAR-291                     1290±60 bp     From cist grave cutting Iron Age defences                     EM


Castell Henllys

Beta-71570                  1850±70 bp     Charcoal layer late in annexe sequence              IA/RB

Beta–71571                 2230±70 bp     Charcoal twigs from gully of  possible roundhouse         IA

Beta–71572                 2150±60 bp     Burnt gate post from later stone phase entrance IA

Beta–71573                 2190±60 bp     Layer against walling of first phase stone entrance,         IA

but over rubble probably from that wall

Beta–71574                 2270±60 bp     Layer against wall face from later stone                         IA

phase entrance

Beta–71575                 2130± 60 bp    Post hole probably associated with later                        IA

stone phase entrance


Castle Bucket

CAR-588                     2340±60 bp     Charcoal associated with cremation                               IA


Clegyr Boia

BM-1109                     2370±29 bp     Charcoal from Neolithic occupation – IA date   IA       

BM-1110                     1950±116 bp   Charcoal contemp with structure near fort entrance        IA - RB


Dale Promontory Fort

CAR-1036                   2760±60 bp     Occupation deposit sealing early defences                     BA

CAR-1035                   2740±70 bp     Occupation deposit sealing early defences                     BA

CAR-1034                   2730±70 bp     Occupation deposit sealing early defences                     BA



Dolaucothi Gold Mine

HAR-2709                   2040±70 bp     From below ground water-wheel                                  IA - RB

SWAN-37                   1890±60 bp     Built-up edge of base of ‘motte’                                    RB

SWAN-38                   2630±70 bp     Hollow close to ‘motte’                                                BA - IA


Glandy Cross Complex

Castell Garw enclosure

CAR-1494                   2570±60 bp     Charcoal from pre-enclosure turf line                 BA - IA


Great Castle Head

BETA-135352             2610±60 bp     From post hole                                                 BA - IA

BETA-135351             2460±30 bp     From scoop contemporaneous with primary defence     IA

BETA-135353             2100±70 bp     Burnt layer behind defensive bank                                 IA

BETA-135350             930±70 bp       Internal area butting retaining wall to defences    EM - Med


Llangynog II defended enclosure

HAR-852                     1850±70 bp     Charcoal from spread of burning in interior of fort          IA- RB

HAR-853                     1840±80 bp     From post-hole in interior of fort                                   IA -RB

HAR-851                     1820±70 bp     Charcoal from spread of burning in interior of fort          IA -RB



Llansteffan Castle Iron Age fort

HAR-477                     2470±70 bp     Primary post hole beneath defensive bank                     IA

HAR-476                     2460±70 bp     Primary silt in defensive ditch                             IA

HAR-475                     2450±90 bp     Gully fronting defensive bank                             IA


Llawhaden Group of Small Defended Enclosures

Woodside Camp

CAR-679                     3480±70 bp     Charcoal from pit sealed by buried soil              BA

CAR-760                     2200±60 bp     Charcoal from layer in the base of rampart                    IA

CAR-735                     2000±70 bp     Charcoal from beneath 1st phase of outwork bank         IA

CAR-462                     1980±60 bp     Occupation contemporary with stone rampart    IA

CAR-733                     1960±70 bp     Charcoal from ditch, post-dating 2nd phase outwork      IA

CAR-678                     1900±60 bp     Charcoal from pit associated with house                        IA - RB

CAR-457                     1870±60 bp     Occupation associated with turf rampart                        IA - RB

CAR-673                     1000±60 bp     Charcoal from pit cutting post ring of house                   EM - Med


Dan-y-Coed Enclosure

CAR-705                     2080±70 bp     Charcoal from a pre-rampart burnt mound                    IA

CAR-706                     2070±70 bp     Charcoal from hollow immediately pre-rampart IA

CAR-676                     2050±60 bp     Charcoal from hearth in roundhouse                  IA

CAR-674                     1920±60 bp     Charcoal from hearth post-dating at structure    IA- RB

CAR-734                     1900±60 bp     Charcoal associated with pre-rampart features  IA - RB

CAR-665                     1850±70 bp     Charcoal from rubbish outside rectangular structure       IA - RB

CAR-675                     1710±60 bp     Charcoal sealed below square structure             RB

CAR-1263                   1660±60 bp     Infill layer sealed beneath structure                                RB

CAR-677                     1650±60 bp     Charcoal in rubbish in secondary fill of ditch                  RB

CAR-1265                   1620±70 bp                                                                             RB

CAR-1264                   1340±60 bp                                                                             EM

CAR-1262                   730±60 bp       Charcoal from late pit                                       Med


Drim Camp

CAR-559                     2410±80 bp     Gully outside enclosure                                     IA

CAR-560                     1920±70 bp     From 4-poster set across entrance of enclosure IA - RB

CAR-474                     1900±70 bp     Hollow in interior, late stages of primary occupation       IA - RB

CAR-557                     1850±60 bp     From 4-poster set across entrance of enclosure IA -RB

CAR-473                     1310±60 bp     Charcoal from post-hole of building                   EM


Broadway Enclosure

CAR-493                     2450±70 bp     Pre-rampart occupation                                                IA

CAR-465                     2420±60 bp     Pre-rampart occupation                                                IA

CAR-401                     2410±70 bp     Pre-rampart occupation                                                IA


Holgan  Camp

CAR-763                     3280±70 bp     Charcoal from pit pre-dating inner rampart                    BA

CAR-761                     2480±70 bp     From early occupation layer                              IA

CAR-787                     2280±70 bp     From early occupation layer                              IA

CAR-785a                   2240±65 bp     From layer representing a late phase of occupation        IA

CAR-762                     2230±70 bp     From early occupation layer                              IA

CAR-786                     2160±70 bp     From early occupation layer                              IA

CAR-785b                   2140±65 bp     From layer representing a late phase of occupation        IA


Pilcornswell Camp

CAR-400                     3250±70 bp     Charcoal from pre-rampart pit                          BA

CAR-464                     2510±70 bp     Charcoal from burnt out timber in rampart                     IA

CAR-463                     2290±60 bp     Charcoal from burnt out timber in rampart                     IA

CAR-399                     2240±60 bp     Charcoal from burnt out timber in rampart                     IA


Bodringallt Enclosure

CAR-467                     2120±60 bp     Charcoal layer in ditch, primary occupation                   IA

CAR-466                     2100±60 bp     Charcoal from secondary occupation in interior IA


Merlin’s Hill

CAR-958                     2310±60 bp     Occupation pre-dating ‘secondary’ rampart dumps       IA

CAR-959                     2100±70 bp     Occupation pre-dating ‘secondary’ rampart dumps       IA


Pembrey Mountain

CAR-105                     2285±45 bp     Carbonised grain from pre-rampart occupation  IA



CAR-768                     2110±60 bp     From drain leading from roundhouse                 IA

CAR-769                     2025±60 bp     From interior palisade trench                             IA

CAR-711                     2005±60 bp     From post hole                                                 IA

CAR-712                     1975±60 bp     Layer at base of defensive ditch                                    IA

CAR-732                     1715±60 bp     From drain around small roundhouse                 IA - RB

CAR-555                     900±65 bp       From layer over defensive bank                                    EM - Med


Plas Gogerddan

CAR-994                     4700±70 bp     From pit with food deposit                                            Neo

CAR-993                     2950±70 bp     From small pit close to standing stone                BA

CAR-1073                   2770±60 bp     From pit cut by ring-ditch                                              BA

CAR-1072                   2150±60 bp     From cremation in fill of ring-ditch                                 IA

CAR-1045                   1580±60 bp     Coffin stain                                                       RB - EM


Porth y Rhaw

SWAN-101                 2470±70 bp     Hearth within defensive bank                             IA

BETA-124342             2430±60 bp     Hearth within defensive bank                             IA

BETA-124341             2420±80 bp     Cut to rear of defensive bank                            IA

BETA-124344             2320±90 bp     Roundhouse gully                                              IA

BETA-124345             2170±70 bp     Upper fill of internal gully                                               IA

BETA-124343             1720±70 bp     Occupation deposit within stone-built roundhouse          RB


Roman road west of Carmarthen, Whitland excavation

BETA-841787             2100±80 bp     Timber from immediate pre-drain road              IA

BETA-841788             2030±80 bp     Timber from immediate pre-drain road              IA


Stackpole Warren

CAR-475                     3570±70 bp     Roundhouse destruction - pre-standing stone     BA

CAR-100                     3350±70 bp     Roundhouse destruction - pre-standing stone                 BA

CAR-476                     3130±70 bp     Cremation                                                        BA

CAR-101                     2890±70 bp     Cremation                                                        BA

CAR-845                     2770±60 bp     From settlement enclosure Site G                                  BA

CAR-843                     2710±70 bp     From settlement enclosure Site G                                  BA

CAR-145                     2350±70 bp     From ditch of linear earthwork                          IA

CAR-103                     2240±60 bp     Animal bone from structure Site B                                 IA

CAR-104                     2110±60 bp     Human bone – burial                                         IA

CAR-102                     2060±60 bp     Animal bone from Site A                                               IA

CAR-144                     2040±70 bp     Charcoal from above shell midden Site H                      IA


Walesland Rath

NPL-245                     2160±90 bp     Layer stratified between Phase 1 and 2 banks   IA

NPL-244                     2035±90 bp     Ash layer with crucible, on top of primary ditch silt        IA

Woodbarn Rath

CAR-825                     2100±60 bp     Carbonised branches in rampart extension                     IA

CAR-826                     2060±60 bp     Deposit incorporated in rampart extension                     IA




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