A Research Framework for the Archaeology of Wales

Southwest Wales – Roman, key sites






Capel Bangor

Excavations in fort.

Davies 1986b



Excavations in fort.

James 1992, forthcoming



Excavations in and around the fort. Environmental evidence: plant macrofossils; charcoal; soil studies.

Burnham and Burnham 1986, 1990a, 1990b, 1997; Jones and Little 1973, 1974



Excavations in fort.

Jarrett 1962, 1963, 1970



Excavation in the fort.

Davies 1984,1985, 1986a, 1987, 1988






Extensive excavations in the Roman town. Large assemblage of artefacts. Environmental evidence: charcoal.

James 1978, 1992a; 2000, forthcoming; Jones 1969, 1970


Carmarthen Amphitheatre


Little 1971



Rural settlement


Castle Flemish

Small scale excavations in a rectilinear enclosure.

Wheeler 1923


Castell Henllys

Full excavation of a small hillfort., with RB occupation in annexe.

Mytum 1989, 1991, 1996


Coygan Camp

Excavations in small hillfort with Roman occupation

Wainwright 1967



Excavation of small defended enclosure with Roman rectangular stone building.

Ward 1907


Gateholm Island, Pembrokeshire

Small-scale excavation and survey indicate Roman occupation

Davies, Hague and Hogg 1971; Lethbridge and David 1930


Llawhaden group of small defended enclosures

Romano-British occupation at Dan-y-Coed, Woodside and Drim

Williams and Mytum 1998


Llys Brychan

Excavations on a Roman villa

Jarrett 1961



Complete excavation of a small defended enclosure/farmstead with RB occupation.

Murphy 1985


Porth y Rhaw

Partial excavation of a coastal promontory fort with RB occupation

Crane forthcoming



Small-scale excavation of a defended enclosure. with RB stone-built rectangular building.

Thomas and Walker 1959


Walesland Rath

Complete excavation of a defended enclosure with RB occupation.

Wainwright 1971b





Dolaucothi Gold Mine

Austin and Burnham 1984; Burnham 1990, 1997; Burnham and Burnham 1987; Boon and Williams 1966


Survey and small-excavation of Annell leat and the Gwenlais leat

Environmental evidence: pollen. Radiocarbon dates.

Bick 1995; Burnham and Burnham 1993; Burnham, Burnham and Walker 1992; Jones, Blakey and MacPherson 1960; Jones and Maude 1990





Roman road in the Tywi valley

Report on aerial survey.

James and James 1984: James 1991


Road west of Carmarthen

Survey, aerial photo survey and excavation at Whitland and Bryn Farm, supported by radiocarbon dates. Environmental evidence: plant macrofossils; pollen; wood; dendrochronology; insects.

James Murphy and Page 2002





Allt-y Cnap, Johnston, Carmarthen

Recently discovered in-urned cremation with grave goods – not yet published.


Park Hall, Carmarthen

In-urned cremation, plus other possible burials.

Crane 2001


Penbryn, Ceredigion

2 burials, including in-urned cremation

Davies 1994


Other key Romano-British texts

Davies 1994; Arnold and Davies 2000




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