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PRN 41434 - Ffrith Hall
Listed Building 19385 (II )

NGR :- SJ2870254864 (SJ25SE)
Unitary authority :- Flintshire
Community :- Llanfynydd
Prefered site type :- 18th century ? - House (Building - Intact )

Listed building.

The following is from Cadw's Listed Buildings database

Prominently sited at the end of a short drive running W from the B5101 c0.5km S of Ffrith village.

Probably constructed late C18. The porch was probably added at a later date.

Late Georgian villa; stucco, slate roof with wide boarded eaves, stuccoed chimneys, 3 storeys. Principal front to road is symmetrical and the elevation is articulated about four full-height pilasters, one at each end and two flanking central windows and probably the original entrance. There are 3 equally spaced sash windows per floor, those on the top floor with 6 panes the remainder having 12 panes. The centrally placed flat-roofed porch is balustraded and has a central pedimented entrance. Full exterior inspection not possible at time of 1997 survey and interior not accessible.

Listed as a good example of a late Georgian villa.

Cadw Listing database , 2000 , ,

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