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PRN 42347 - Trimley Hall Barn
Listed Building 19391 (II )

NGR :- SJ2774755775 (SJ25NE)
Unitary authority :- Flintshire
Community :- Llanfynydd
Prefered site type :- 17th century - Barn (Building - Intact )

Listed building.

The following is from Cadw's Listed Buildings database

Situated a short distance uphill (SW) from Trimley Hall and set into the slope

Probably contemporary with the primary house at Trimley, c1630. Trimley Hall was the home of the Eytons of Leeswood.

4-bay rubble barn with slit ventilators, gable parapets and slate roof. Opposed entrances, both narrowed, onto a threshing floor and further door on uphill gable.

Pegged oak trusses with canted tie-beams, queen struts, collar and ridge. The opposing doors opened on to a stone threshing floor flanked by a low wall before they were reduced in width.

Included for group value with Trimley Hall as a barn of well-preserved C17 character.

Cadw Listing database , 2000 , ,

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