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PRN 85759 - Ffrith, Valley Road, Collina, watching brief 2001

NGR :- SJ2837455347 (SJ25NE)
Unitary authority :- Flintshire
Community :- Llanfynydd
Prefered site type :- 21st century - Watching brief (Event - )

An archaeological watching brief was undertaken during ground disturbance works in relation to the construction of an extension to a dwelling called Collina. The area is less than 100m NW of Ffrith Roman settlement site (PRN 100020). The results established that the development site was comprised of topsoil and demolition/tipping deposits up to a depth of 4.06m. It was demonstrated that the two phases of the development plan would only impact on 19th century deposits. Features of archaeological significance may survive to the south of Collina, but development was not going to extend into this area. A wide assemblage of 19th century ceramics and clay tobacco pipe was recovered (Gifford and Partners, 2001).

Gifford and Partners , 2001 , Report on an Archaeological Watching Brief at Collina, Valley Road, Ffrith, Flintshire , Giffords report April .
Various , 2001 , ,

0 / Baked clay / Tobacco Pipe / 19th century / /Discarded () - Clay tobacco pipe fragments.
0 / Pottery / Sherd / 19th century / /Discarded () - Assemblage of 19th century ceramics. Some of the stoneware fragments could possibly be 18th century.

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