CPAT Regional Sites & Monuments Record

PRN 88737 (part of 100020 ) - Ffrith Roman site, building V, "Arosfa"

NGR :- SJ28475532 (SJ25NE)
Unitary authority :- Flintshire
Community :- Llanfynydd
Prefered site type :- Roman - Villa ? (Building - Damaged )
first alternative :- Roman - Bath house ?

Excavations in advance of housing development in 1967-9 revealed complex stratigraphy of a wooden building overlain by a masonry building. A number of postholes were associated with floors of clay, floors of white mortar and occupation layers. Fragments of painted wall plaster were recovered. The floors centred on an area N of of the apsidal room of the masonry building and the stratigraphy survived to a depth of 0.4m above the natural clay. A coin of Vespasian and pottery allowed a date range of c.AD80 to c.AD120-125 to be established for the occupation of the timber building, it was then demolished (Blockley, K, 1989a).

Blockley, K , 1989 , "Excavations on the Romano-British Settlement at Ffrith, Clwyd, 1967-9 ", Flintshire Historical Society Journal 32 , 135-65 .

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