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PRN 72069 - Welshpool, cornmill wheel pit

NGR :- SJ22600731 (SJ20NW)
Unitary authority :- Powys
Community :- Welshpool
Prefered site type :- 19th century ? - Wheel pit (Building - Damaged )

Wheel pit constructed as part of the canal by-pass overflow channel from weir. It provided water power for the cornmill (PRN 20315). Warer emits from a culvert at the base of a blue brick wall, which is of similar build to the blue brick wall, which includes the cast iron support for the waterwheel axle, located between the lock and the by-pass channel. May all be part of reconstruction work by George Buck, Engineer c.1832 (Frost, P, 1998).

The remains of a wheelpit. It is located in Welshpool, north of the lock on the tail end of the bypass. There is a blue brick wall between the lock and bypass with a stone set in about 1ft above the lock platform. On this stone sits a cast-iron box encasing the plumber-block that formerly supported the axle of the waterwheel. The bypass at present enters the wheel-pit through a culvert at the base of a small blue-brick wheel. This is obviously either a modern rebuilding or the original surplus-water channel. The feed to the wheel must have been at the upper ground level. The wheel-pit walls appear to be of the late 19th century and consist of large rusticated blocks of stone (NMR 1981).

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