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Park New Shaft

Park New Shaft lies in the community of Minera in the county of Wrexham. It is located at Ordnance Survey national grid reference SJ26105085. The mine is recorded in the CPAT Historic Environment Record as number 104355 and this number should be quoted in all correspondence.

Lead/Zinc (Early 19th century-1890)

Carboniferous Limestone.

New Shaft was sunk in 1865 to 225yd level on the eastern end of the Park Vein. The Park mines worked until the 1890s. The wide Engine Shaft is substantially capped at SJ26135084. The mines were drained by an extension of the Minera Upper Day Level from Speedwells Shaft (PRN 18121), being some 700ft below New Shaft.

A substantial track runs uphill from Hill Shaft (PRN 18161) for a quarter of a mile before reaching the entrance to New Shaft. The substantial trackway suggests the use of horse and carts for transporting ore.

The remains of the housing for a horizontal winding engine stand at SJ26102585, with some of the engine mountings and wheelpit bolts still in situ. The boiler house foundations appear to be adjoined to it on its southern side. The remains of a second engine house related to processing stand to the south-east of the shaft at SJ26165830. This must postdate the shaft, as it does not show on the plan of the three Park Shafts c1867 deposited in CRO, Hawarden (D/GR/1767). The CRO plan D/GR/434 has the engine house in an enclosure to the east of the shaft. Two engines were recorded on the site in 1899. The pond illustated on the early maps at SJ26015086 running northwards still holds water and a further pool of water lies to the north of the entrance track at SJ20505089.

The processing area to the west of New Shaft at SJ26155083 remains as a large areas of jigger tailings beyond the shaft on the south-eastern perimeters of the sett. The area is surrounded by large spoil mounds to the north and west. The engine house could have housed a crusher. The reservoir/pool at SJ26065081 would provide water for the washing and separating of ore. The enclosure illustrated on the plan D/GR/434 could be a line of ore bins, which can be identified to the west of the shaft.

Other features
The schedule of buildings on the mine sett in 1899 lists two engine houses, winding and a compressor, a cabin, smithy and shed; all being in good order. The basal stone foundations of a building at SJ26085830 could be a store or a smithy.

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