CPAT Regional Sites & Monuments Record

PRN 86912 - Ffrith, Roman Road

NGR :- SJ2855555185 (SJ25NE)
Unitary authority :- Flintshire
Community :- Llanfynydd
Prefered site type :- Roman? - Road (Earthwork - Unknown )
first alternative :- Post Medieval ? - Trackway

A metalled surface uncovered during evaluation by Earthworks Archaeology in 2000. Runs parallel to modern B5101. Character of metalling, together with stratigraphic level, suggest surface could be possibly represent a Roman road which ran south from the settlement. A buckle of post medieval date was recovered from the top of this surface however. (Walker, W S, 2000b)

Walker, W S , 2000 , Proposed Residential Development on Land Adjacent to Pont Newydd y Ffrith, Ffrith, Near Wrexham: An Programme of Archaeological Evaluation , Earthworks Archaeology Report .

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