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Clwyd Powys Metal Mines Survey

Clwyd and Powys Metal Mines Survey site index

As part of our Regional Heritage Management Service funded by Cadw, the Clwyd-Powys Archaeological Trust has created a set of web pages about individual historic metal mines. The information in these pages comes from the Clwyd and Powys Metal Mines Survey, carried out by CPAT between 1992 and 1993, and has been generated directly from the regional Historic Environment Record (HER) - the public access database about archaeology and history curated by CPAT. In many instances further information about these sites can be found in the HER.

Please remember that while many of the mines described here are visible from public roads and footpaths most of them are private property, and this should be respected. Please also remember that abandoned mines can be very dangerous places and visiting them may be unadvisable without an appropariate level of professional supervision.

Mines listed in the Clwyd survey
Aberduna, Llanferres ,SJ20506180
Alltgymbyd, Llandegla ,SJ20455473
American, Brynford ,SJ17307530
Ashton, Brynford ,SJ17807470
Axton, Llanasa ,SJ10948054
Bedol Aur, Brynford ,SJ18007500
Belgrave, Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ20255885
Berthen Farm, Ysceifiog ,SJ17407180
Billins, Halkyn ,SJ19607200
Blaen-y-Nant, Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ19905820
Bodelwyddan, Bodelwyddan ,SH99707490
Bodfari, Bodfari ,SJ09307040
Bodidris, Llandegla ,SJ20905390
Brindigrif, Whitford ,SJ12607940
Bron Eyarth, Efenechtyd ,SJ12305560
Bron Eyarth, Efenechtyd ,SJ11605560
Bron-Heulog, Llanfair Talhaiarn ,SH93807150
Bryn-Nantllech, Llanfair Talhaiarn ,SH94006850
Bryn-y-Gaseg, Whitford ,SJ15207620
Bryn-yr-odyn, Llanasa ,SJ09908030
Bryn-yr-Orsedd, Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ19605930
Brynalyn, Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ19305880
Bryncelyn West, Gwernaffield ,SJ19806620
Bryncloddiau, Ysceifiog ,SJ15357380
Bryncoch, Gwernaffield ,SJ20206480
Brynford, Brynford ,SJ17707440
Brynford Hall, Holywell ,SJ18957475
Bryngwiog, Halkyn ,SJ19206910
Bryngwyn, Gwernymynydd ,SJ21406180
Brynhyfryd, Gwernaffield ,SJ19706400
Brynparade,Halkyn ,SJ20457145
Brynsion, Ysceifiog ,SJ13607190
Brynyffynon, Gwernymynydd ,SJ21606230
Brynyfryd, Gwernymynydd ,SJ21406200
Brynyrhenblas, Brynford ,SJ18207440
Butlersfield, Brynford ,SJ17457545
Bwlchgwyn, Brymbo ,SJ26605340
Bwlchyddaufryn, Gwernaffield ,SJ20106450
Cae Tan-y-Craig, Ysceifiog ,SJ17207100
Caeau, Halkyn ,SJ19767290
Caepant, Minera ,SJ25495245
Cambrian, Brynford ,SJ16907570
Castell, Cilcain ,SJ16406370
Cat Hole, Gwernymynydd ,SJ20606270
Cat Hole West, Gwernymynydd ,SJ20206270
Cefn, Cefnmeiriadog ,SH99507330
Cefn Cilcen, Cilcain ,SJ19456600
Cefn Mawr, Gwernymynydd ,SJ20406350
Cefn Mawr Rhydymwyn, Cilcain ,SJ20906650
Cefn Spar, Cilcain ,SJ18706650
Cefn-y-Gist, Penycae ,SJ24254880
Cefn-y-Groes-Fawr, Llanfair Talhaiarn ,SH91406630
Cefn-yr-Ogof, Llanddulas and Rhyd-y-foel,SH91507760
Cefn-yr-Ogof, Llanddulas and Rhyd-y-foel,SH92707750
Celyn Bog, Whitford ,SJ15057670
Cheney Rake, Halkyn ,SJ18957150
Chirk Castle, Chirk , SJ27003800
Chwarel Las, Halkyn ,SJ19607150
Chwarel Wen, Brynford ,SJ17607388
Cilcen Hall, Halkyn ,SJ18606850
Clwt Militia, Brynford ,SJ17307530
Coed Celyn, Cefnmeiriadog ,SJ01307260
Coed Du, Cilcain ,SJ19106640
Coed Llan, Bodfari ,SJ09307040
Coed Mawr, Llanfynydd ,SJ26505480
Coed Marchon, Efenechtyd ,SJ11605560
Coed yr Esgob, Prestatyn ,SJ06808120
Coed Ysgeirallt, Llanfair Talhaiarn ,SH94507550
Coed-y-fedw, Llanferres ,SJ19906170
Coed-y-fron, Holywell ,SJ18507540
Coetia Ball, Holywell ,SJ17707630
Coetia Butler, Brynford ,SJ17457545
Coetia Mawr, Brynford ,SJ17607522
Coetia'r Ysgall, Cilcain ,SJ19106660
Collossus,Halkyn ,SJ20457145
Cornell-Llwyd, Brynford ,SJ18207450
Creigiau Eglwyseg, Llantysilio ,SJ2190044800
Creigiog, Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ20405590
Cross Leavings, Brynford ,SJ18907300
Cwm Mawr, Treuddyn ,SJ26005900
Deborah, Gwernymynydd ,SJ20406350
Dee Sinclair, Whitford ,SJ15057670
Deep Level Drainage Tunnel,Halkyn ,SJ22907110
Denbigh West, Denbigh ,SJ0395065600
Dingle, Halkyn ,SJ20407150
Dog Pit, Halkyn ,SJ19407140
Dolphin, Brynford ,SJ19607360
Dyffryn Aled, Llansannan ,SH95006690
Dyserth, Dyserth ,SJ05707950
Dyserth Castle, Dyserth ,SJ06017990
Eglwyseg, Llantysilio ,SJ2353847689
Eglwyseg Extension, Penycae ,SJ24804750
Eisteddfod, Minera ,SJ25405250
Erwfelin, Cilcain ,SJ20206680
Fagnallt, Cilcain ,SJ18606690
Fish, Prestatyn ,SJ06808120
Frame, Brynford ,SJ17907530
Ffordd-las Bach, Abergele ,SH95507590
Ffos-y-Bleiddiaid, Abergele ,SH93527696
Fron, Halkyn ,SJ20407170
Fron Hall United, Gwernymynydd ,SJ22406210
Fron Ucha, Gwernymynydd ,SJ21706150
Fronfawnog, Gwernaffield ,SJ21556385
Fronissa, Gwernymynydd ,SJ22206240
Garneddwen, Ysceifiog ,SJ17707020
Garreg, Whitford ,SJ13407860
Garreg-Boeth, Cilcain ,SJ19006720
Garth, Cilcain ,SJ14906440
Gelli Fowler, Brynford ,SJ17637343
Gelli Loveday, Ysceifiog ,SJ14757380
Gilfach, Llansannan ,SH92106320
Gladstone, Brynford ,SJ17057565
Glanalyn, Llanferres ,SJ19606280
Glol, Whitford ,SJ12007850
Glyndwr, Nercwys ,SJ22106100
Golch Hill, Whitford ,SJ16807650
Golden Grove, Llanasa ,SJ08808130
Gomerian Level shafts, Treuddyn ,SJ26005900
Gop Hill, Trelawnyd and Gwaenysgor,SJ08308090
Gors, Ysceifiog ,SJ15857320
Gorsedd, Whitford ,SJ15057670
Graianrhyd, Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ21805580
Graig Fawr, Dyserth ,SJ06008050
Graingers, Halkyn ,SJ19707230
Grange, Holywell ,SJ17507610
Great Calcot, Brynford ,SJ17007490
Great Holway,Holywell ,SJ17907640
Great New Westminster,Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ19305880
Groesffordd, Ysceifiog ,SJ16157126
Gronant, Llanasa ,SJ0974582972
Grosvenor, Ysceifiog ,SJ18607150
Gwaenysgor, Trelawnyd and Gwaenysgor,SJ07308130
Gwaynynog, Denbigh ,SJ0395065600
Gwernaffield, Gwernymynydd ,SJ21306330
Gwernymynydd, Gwernymynydd ,SJ21306240
Gwernymynydd Farm, Gwernymynydd ,SJ22206250
Gwter Siani, Esclusham ,SJ25404930
Gwter-Siani, Penycae ,SJ24504990
Gwyrch Castle, Llanddulas and Rhyd-y-foel,SH92707750
Gyrn, Holywell ,SJ17707570
Hafod, Gwernymynydd ,SJ21306330
Hafod, Whitford ,SJ12907940
Hafod-y-Gog, Llangernyw ,SH90206705
Halkyn, Halkyn ,SJ21006980
Halkyn Central, Halkyn ,SJ20307070
Halkyn Deep Level, Halkyn ,SJ20857010
Halkyn District, Halkyn ,SJ21306830
Halkyn District United, Halkyn ,SJ20307070
Halkyn East, Halkyn ,SJ21306930
Halkyn Hall, Halkyn ,SJ20907050
Halkyn Mount, Halkyn ,SJ20106980
Halkyn New North, Halkyn ,SJ20307070
Halkyn South, Cilcain ,SJ20306780
Halkyn Pantygo,Halkyn ,SJ20857010
Halkyn Pantyffrith,Halkyn ,SJ20857010
Halkyn Rhydymwyn, Cilcain ,SJ20306780
Halkyn West, Halkyn ,SJ20106980
Hazel Grove, Brynford ,SJ17507479
Henblas North, Brynford ,SJ19507380
Hendre, Cilcain ,SJ20206780
Hendre Ddu, Llangernyw ,SH87406640
Hendre Figallt, Cilcain ,SJ19506790
Hendre North, Cilcain ,SJ19306820
Hendre South and West, Cilcain ,SJ18806750
Henfryn Hall, Trelawnyd and Gwaenysgor,SJ07607915
Hersedd, Halkyn ,SJ18706910
Herward United, Brynford ,SJ19657415
Holway Consols, Holywell ,SJ17907640
Holway District, Whitford ,SJ16807650
Holywell Level (Great Holway Mining Co),Holywell ,SJ17407650
Holway Rake, Holywell ,SJ17407650
Holway United,Holywell ,SJ17907640
Holway West, Whitford ,SJ16807650
Hope Mountain, Llanfynydd ,SJ28905720
Hopewell, Whitford ,SJ16207630
Hopewell,Whitford ,SJ16307600
Hush Eisteddfod, Minera ,SJ25005250
Jamaica, Nercwys ,SJ21606080
Kelston Farm, Llanasa ,SJ10408250
Kinmel Manor (trials), Abergele ,SH98007470
Kyrke's shaft, Minera ,SJ25405040
Lixwm, Ysceifiog ,SJ17307140
Llanarmon, Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ21705680
Llanfair, Llanfair Talhaiarn ,SH93607030
Llangynhafal, Llangynhafal ,SJ13706300
Llynypandy South, Gwernaffield ,SJ1970065300
Lloc, Whitford ,SJ14507670
Llongle ,Halkyn ,SJ19767290
Llwyn-y-cosyn, Ysceifiog ,SJ17907290
Llynypandy, Gwernaffield ,SJ19606570
Long Rake, Halkyn ,SJ18807110
Long Rake East, Halkyn ,SJ19307080
Lord Hill, Whitford ,SJ16207620
Lord Hill,Whitford ,SJ16307600
Lower Eisteddfod, Minera ,SJ25495245
Lower Park, Minera ,SJ25105140
Maenbras, Halkyn ,SJ18707220
Maes Maelor, Llandegla ,SJ23105370
Maes-y-Pwll, Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ20605550
Maeshafn East, Nercwys ,SJ22106100
Maeshafn Grosvenor Shaft, Llanferres ,SJ20406110
Maeshafn Main Site, Llanferres ,SJ19806110
Maeshafn Moel Findeg, Nercwys ,SJ21206090
Maeshafn River Alyn, Llanferres ,SJ19306130
Maeslygan, Halkyn ,SJ20507220
Marian Ffrith, Cwm ,SJ07107800
Marian Mawr, Cwm ,SJ07807815
Merllyn, Whitford ,SJ14707690
Merllyn West, Whitford ,SJ14507670
Milwr, Holywell ,SJ19307450
Minera Boundary Shaft, Minera ,SJ26125182
Minera Burton's Shaft, Minera ,SJ27805080
Minera Central, Minera ,SJ26005200
Minera Halvans Plant, Minera ,SJ27055150
Minera Lloyds, Minera ,SJ26825138
Minera Meadows Shaft, Minera ,SJ2748950944
Minera Mines Andrews, Minera ,SJ26825138
Minera Mines Royle's Shafts, Minera ,SJ26505170
Minera Nant, Minera ,SJ28405020
Minera New, Minera ,SJ27805080
Minera Quarry, Minera ,SJ25505200
Minera Ragman, Brymbo ,SJ24805280
Minera Reids, Minera ,SJ26505170
Minera Roy's Shaft, Minera ,SJ27225105
Minera Speedwells Shaft, Minera ,SJ26905133
Minera Taylor's Shaft, Minera ,SJ27005122
Minera Union, Minera ,SJ25305250
Moel Arthur, Llandyrnog ,SJ1425066080
Moel Dwyll, Cilcain ,SJ15306350
Moel Hiraddug, Dyserth ,SJ06307870
Moel Unben, Llanfair Talhaiarn ,SH9080068000
Moel y Gaer, Llanbedr Dyffryn Clwyd ,SJ14906170
Moel-y-crio, Halkyn ,SJ19806980
Mold Cadole, Gwernymynydd ,SJ21006280
Mold Pantymwyn New shaft, Gwernaffield ,SJ20806520
Mostyn, Whitford ,SJ12907940
Mount Pleasant, Gwernymynydd ,SJ21706140
Mwynbwll, Cilcain ,SJ18606690
Mynydd Bodran, Llanfair Talhaiarn ,SH94307080
Mynydd Du, Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ21505730
Nant Uchaf, Betws yn Rhos ,SH93307570
Nant-y-Cwm Mawr, Esclusham ,SJ25404930
Nant-y-Ffrith, Llanfynydd ,SJ26505480
Nant-y-fuwch, Ysceifiog ,SJ18407210
Nant-y-Plwm, Llansannan ,SH92906602
Nantfigallt, Halkyn ,SJ20506850
Nantygo, Halkyn ,SJ19206910
Nantymwyn, Prestatyn ,SJ07708280
Nantypetre, Llangynhafal ,SJ13706300
New Caeau,Halkyn ,SJ19767290
Old Rake, Halkyn ,SJ20407060
Owain Glyndwr, Gwernymynydd ,SJ22206240
Pant, Halkyn ,SJ19107220
Pant Du, Llanferres ,SJ20405960
Pant Du East, Nercwys ,SJ2160058900
Pant Idda, Betws yn Rhos ,SH92307580
Pant-y-Gwlanod, Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ20205710
Pantasaph, Whitford ,SJ16307600
Pantybuarth, Gwernaffield ,SJ20046410
Pantyffrith, Halkyn ,SJ20506960
Pantygo, Halkyn ,SJ20807010
Pantygo North, Halkyn ,SJ20457145
Pantygo West,Halkyn ,SJ20457145
Pantymwyn East, Gwernaffield ,SJ20206480
Pantymwyn West, Gwernaffield ,SJ19206450
Pantyne New, Brynford ,SJ17407540
Pantyne North, Holywell ,SJ17407620
Pantyne South, Holywell ,SJ17407620
Pantypwlldwr, Halkyn ,SJ19807220
Pantypydew, Brynford ,SJ18107350
Pantyrhes, Brynford ,SJ17707520
Pantywacco, Whitford ,SJ14207650
Parc, Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ19805560
Park Hill Shaft, Minera ,SJ25605210
Park New Shaft, Minera ,SJ26105085
Park Western Shaft, Minera ,SJ25405130
Parry's, Halkyn ,SJ19507230
Pen Bronwiski, Halkyn ,SJ18856885
Pen-Llwyn, Llandyrnog ,SJ11846696
Pen-y-bryn, Holywell ,SJ18507510
Pen-y-Fron, Gwernaffield ,SJ19806620
Pen-y-Garreg Wen, Llanferres ,SJ19706296
Pen-y-Mynydd, Llandyrnog ,SJ1413266425
Pen-y-Pylle, Brynford ,SJ19207430
Pen-yr-Henblas, Brynford ,SJ19007290
Pen-yr-Hwylfa, Brynford ,SJ19007354
Pen-yr-Orsedd, Halkyn ,SJ21106800
Pengwern, Llansannan ,SH96406820
Penmachno, Cilcain ,SJ14906445
Pennant, Tremeirchion ,SJ08607540
Pentre Du, Llanfair Talhaiarn ,SH93606903
Pentre Halkyn, Halkyn ,SJ20007230
Penygelli, Whitford ,SJ13707650
Picton, Brynford ,SJ17607570
Pilkington's, Gwernymynydd ,SJ20206270
Pistyll, Tremeirchion ,SJ07707470
Plantation, Whitford ,SJ15407660
Plas Captain, Ysceifiog ,SJ17407220
Plas Newydd, Cefnmeiriadog ,SH99507330
Plas Winter, Halkyn ,SJ19956915
Plasau, Ysceifiog ,SJ16157126
Plasresgob, Halkyn ,SJ19956915
Pool Park, Minera ,SJ24905070
Pool Park Boundary Shaft, Minera ,SJ25155050
Pool Park Mary Ann, Minera ,SJ25405040
Portaway, Holywell ,SJ17007620
Priddbwll, Llansannan ,SH9300063500
Prince Patrick, Halkyn ,SJ19107220
Prince Patrick North, Brynford ,SJ18507300
Prince Patrick South, Halkyn ,SJ18907190
Prince Patrick West, Halkyn ,SJ18707220
Prysau, Ysceifiog ,SJ16307300
Pwll-y-Gaseg, Ysceifiog ,SJ18507250
Pwllclai, Brynford ,SJ18607380
Pwllgwenllan, Halkyn ,SJ19807080
Pwllhelyg Mine,Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ19305880
Pwllmelyn, Ysceifiog ,SJ18407150
Pwllwheal, Brynford ,SJ18507350
Queen of the Mountain, Halkyn ,SJ18907190
Rhewl, Cilcain ,SJ18606930
Rhosddigre, Llandegla ,SJ18305240
Rhosesmor, Halkyn ,SJ21306830
Rhyd-yr-Eirin, Llansannan ,SH94306830
Rhydalyn, Gwernaffield ,SJ1970065300
Rhydalyn, Gwernaffield ,SJ19606570
Rhydfudr,Halkyn ,SJ19767290
Rhydwen, Whitford ,SJ13407670
Rhydymwyn Cefn Mawr, Cilcain ,SJ20806630
Rock, Whitford ,SJ14207650
Rowley's Rake, Halkyn ,SJ19807220
Saithaelwyd, Whitford ,SJ16707660
Silver Rake, Brynford ,SJ18107300
Sir Edward, Brynford ,SJ17907530
Sir George's Field, Halkyn ,SJ20107230
South Minera Dixon's Shaft,Esclusham ,SJ25654960
South Minera Walker's Shaft,Esclusham ,SJ25305010
Speedwell, Holywell ,SJ17507610
St Catherine's, Gwernymynydd ,SJ22206250
St David's,Whitford ,SJ16307600
St Winefred, Holywell ,SJ17707630
Talacre, Llanasa ,SJ0974582972
Talargoch Central Area, Prestatyn ,SJ05808050
Talargoch Clive Shaft, Dyserth ,SJ05628000
Talargoch Coetia Llys, Prestatyn ,SJ06308085
Talargoch Maesyrerwddu, Dyserth ,SJ05758030
Talargoch Walker's Shaft, Dyserth ,SJ05638049
Tan-y-Foel, Halkyn ,SJ19207010
Tan-y-Graig, Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ1989256803
Terfyn Hall, Prestatyn ,SJ08408300
Tir-y-Coed, Nercwys ,SJ21506000
Thorntree, Brynford ,SJ18207280
Top Eisteddfod, Minera ,SJ24805250
Tre-lan, Cilcain ,SJ17206600
Trellynia, Cilcain ,SJ18106940
Trelogan, Llanasa ,SJ12608080
Trelogan Afongoch, Llanasa ,SJ11508030
Trelogan West, Llanasa ,SJ11108030
True Blue, Brynford ,SJ18907300
True Blue, Holywell ,SJ17907560
True Blue River Alyn, Cilcain ,SJ19306320
Truro, Nercwys ,SJ21506000
Twelve Apostles, Minera ,SJ25155270
Ty Newydd, Dyserth ,SJ06867980
Ty'n-y-Celyn, Llangollen ,SJ23404070
Tyddyn Morgan, Abergele ,SH93667650
Tyddyn Shepherd, Ysceifiog ,SJ16807170
Tyddyn-y-Barcud, Cilcain ,SJ18806760
Tymaen, Whitford ,SJ14707650
Tyn-y-Caeau, Betws yn Rhos ,SH92007500
Tyn-y-Ddol, Llanfair Talhaiarn ,SH94907170
Tyntwll, Whitford ,SJ14207740
Union, Halkyn ,SJ19307120
Union Mary Jane Shaft, Halkyn ,SJ19907140
Valentine, Brynford ,SJ17707440
Volcnant, Prestatyn ,SJ08408300
Vron, Holywell ,SJ18507510
Wacco, Whitford ,SJ15207620
Waen, Whitford ,SJ15407690
Waenlas, Llanferres ,SJ19806000
Wagstaff, Halkyn ,SJ19707100
Wallside, Brynford ,SJ17307550
Wern-y-Gaer, Halkyn ,SJ20506850
Westminster Bog, Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ20605710
Westminster Bog East, Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ21305689
Westminster Bog Mary Ann shaft,Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ21055685
Westminster Castell Engine Shaft,Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ20305750
Westminster Nant, Llanarmon-yn-ial ,SJ19775774
Westminster New, Halkyn ,SJ19307080
Whitford, Whitford ,SJ13007880
World's End, Llantysilio ,SJ2353847689
Wynnstay, Penycae ,SJ24704940
Ysgeirallt, Llanfair Talhaiarn ,SH94307500

Mines listed in the Powys survey
Aberdaunant, Llanidloes Without , SN90658655
Abergwesyn, Llanwrtyd Wells , SN83205045
Allt-y-main, Meifod , SJ163144
Bacheiddon, Cadfarch , SN83709708
Berwyn, Llangynog , SJ01382943
Brynfedwen, Llanbrynmair , SN85509701
Brynpostig, Llanidloes Without , SN97128222
Bryntail, Llanidloes Without , SN91338685
Bwlch Greolan, Llanrhaeadr-ym-mochnant, SJ09752305
Cae Conroy, Llanbrynmair , SN87709790
Calcot, Churchstoke , SO29769721
Castle Rock, Llanbrynmair , SN84909310
Cefn Coch, Llanwrtyd Wells , SN84005355v
Cefn-pawl, Beguildy , SO17107983
Ceulan mine, Llanbrynmair , SN86209740
Cliffdale, Churchstoke , SO30209763
Clochnant, Pen-y-bont-fawr , SJ0434123035
Craig Ddu, Pen-y-bont-fawr , SJ0615023950
Craig Rhiwarth, Llangynog , SJ05552656
Craig-y-Mwyn, Llanrhaeadr-ym-mochnant, SJ07422852
Cwm Bach, Rhayader , SN94606984
Cwm Elan, Rhayader , SN90006510
Cwm Orog, Llangynog , SJ05202730
Cwm-fron, Llangurig , SN971809
Cwm-mawr, Llandinam , SN98958335
Cwmbychan, Glantwymyn , SH85850110
Cwmbyr, Cadfarch , SN78639475
Cwmgwnen, Llanfyllin , SJ0829422031
Cwmrhaiadr, Cadfarch , SN75559465
Cyfartha, Cadfarch , SN83409307
Dalrhiw, Llanwrthwl , SN8850060700
Drosgol, St Harmon , SN95657413
Dyfngwm, Llanbrynmair , SN84909310
Dylife, Llanbrynmair , SN85609390
East Cwm-fron, Llangurig , SN971809
East Van, Llanidloes Without , SN94908850
Fedw, St Harmon , SN97657930
Fron-felin, Llanbrynmair , SH87250071
Geufron, Llanidloes Without , SN88588570
Glaslyn, Cadfarch , SN81289425
Glyn, Llanidloes Without , SN92478724
Gorn, Llanidloes Without , SN98008400
Gwaith y Mwyn, Nantmel , SN9490070100
Gwestyn, Llanidloes Without , SN89408610
Hafodfeddgar, Llanidloes Without , SN87558585
Hyddgen, Cadfarch , SN7822390722
Llandrindod, Llandrindod Wells , SO06605930
Llanerchyraur, Llanbrynmair , SN86759820
Llangynog, Llangynog , SJ05502555
Llanymynech, Carreghofa , SJ2640022000
Llanymynech Ogof, Carreghofa , SJ26602222
Llwyn Madoc, Glascwm , SO08505515
Machynlleth Park Lodge,Machynlleth , SH76050011
Maesnant, Llangurig , SN85368666
Marcheini Fach, St Harmon , SN95657413
Melinygloch, Aberhafesp , SO06649434
Middletown Hill, Trewern , SJ30931322
Moel Fadian, Cadfarch , SN8298094850
Nant Ddu, Cadfarch , SN83409307
Nant Gyrnant, Llanwrtyd Wells , SN85804740
Nant y Car North, Llanwrthwl , SN8908061920
Nant y Car South, Llanwrthwl , SN8859360873
Nant y Garw, Llanwrthwl , SN8751160630
Nant yr Eira, Llangurig , SN82708730
Nant-y-blaidd, Llanrhaeadr-ym-mochnant, SJ09032833
Nantiago, Llangurig , SN82608630
Nantmelin, Llanidloes Without , SN86008772
Nanty, Llangurig , SN85258210
Nantybrain, Llanwrtyd Wells , SN83205045
Nantyricket, Llanidloes Without , SN86558678
Newchapel, Llandinam , SN98958335
Newtown, Newtown and Llanllwchaiarn, SO09609100
North Llangynog, Llangynog , SJ05552656
Pantmawr, Llangurig , SN85258210
Penyclun, Llanidloes Without , SN93008730
Pont-nedd-fechan, Ystradfellte , SN9030009700
Presteigne, Presteigne , SO31706340
Pwll-glas, Trefeglwys , SN97408929
Rhiw-goch, Nantmel , SO05686785
Rhoswydol, Cadfarch , SN83809730
Roundton, Churchstoke , SO2921094670
Siglenlas, Llangurig , SN86588390
St Harmon, St Harmon , SN97657930
Talachddu, Felin-fach , SO0840034250
Ty'n y Coed, Glascwm , SO11205823
Tyisaf, Llanbrynmair , SN87709790
Tylwch, Llangurig , SN96208068
Van, Llanidloes Without , SN94258760
West Fedw, St Harmon , SN97307910
West Wye Valley, Llangurig , SN82328465
Witches' Cave, Machynlleth , SH76050011
Wye Valley, Llangurig , SN82658510

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